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Beware the dangers of sleeping next to the TV or watching it before bed

Many of us usually sleep next to the TV or even watch TV before bed. For many people, there is a group of habits that they do before bed, including watching a movie or video on the TV before bed, but sleeping next to the TV will never make you fall asleep, but rather provides you A range of dangers, even with watching television in a dark room. Although watching TV takes place all the time, the problem is when you sleep in front of the TV because it has a profound effect on your health and turns into a dangerous habit when you leave the TV running in the background with a low voice throughout the night, and doctors and researchers are advised to abandon this bad habit because the light affects me The inner clock of the body will suffer from chaos in your sleep cycle and thus feel less comfortable when sleeping than you will feel when you give up not to sleep next to the television, and although researchers admit that some need noise or a distraction in the background to calm a mind For them, but it can help otherwise apply the best meditation.

Should you fall asleep next to the TV?
According to the National Sleep Foundation, "60% of Americans watch TV almost immediately before bed every night, and should they also worry about this bad habit? In this article we will explain the reasons why you give up watching TV before bed and get the TV out of its room." Sleeping completely is because it may have bad effects with the same degree of smoking, because studies have been conducted on the effects of blue light from the TV, which results in insomnia and stress, and all research has been done on the effects of blue light because studies that have been done on the effects of television during sleep are limited, and all Endeavors, that watching TV is a negative activity and you should look for other ways to get rid of that habit and replace it with another healthier habit. Have you heard about the benefits of sleeping naked?
Watching TV before bed?
It is prohibited to produce melatonin: Because exposure to blue light directly from the TV before bedtime disrupts the production of melatonin in the body, which is the hormone responsible for sleep and can reach its peak production before it falls asleep and gradually appears from the body as soon as the morning comes and we jump to work, the point is low until it approaches Sleep time, affects the biological clock of the body, and it is necessary to know that all people have a biological clock (internal clock) for the body that controls biological functions and its 24-hour cycle is consistent with daylight and night, and this clock does not affect only sleeping hours, but it is also responsible for functions Hormones and An instance of nutritional, etc., and when you sleep in the light of the TV it can affect the ability of the clock to know the time, and if the weather is dark outside, the body will know instinctively that it is time to sleep. However, the light from the TV can give a signal to the brain that instead of sleeping, It is time to wake up which causes you to have common sleep

Among the negative effects of television prevents access to the stages of deep sleep, where the continuous emission of light from the television, especially the blue lights inside it, to prevent the body from entering into the stages of deep sleep and at worst makes the time you spend in the stages of deep sleep less, and continuous exposure to brightness Issued by the TV to change the sleep time instead of waking up refreshed from getting 8 hours of sleep, you may find yourself walking the next morning like a zombie, in addition to spoiling your sleep cycle, as the body needs to enter into a deep sleep cycle to fix Sjh and to restore them as well as information processing and stimuli that you obtained throughout the day is the stage of sleep deep of the most important stages that must be up to the human body when exposed to television at night prevents access to the deeper stages of sleep and this reduces the ability to heal and process information.

One of its effects is that it causes an increase in the level of cortisol in the body, and when you watch television while you sleep or fall asleep while watching, the light is the creeping emission from the TV or electronic devices in general that can cause a group of problems, including high levels of cortisol and make you awake instead of drifting into sleep, as well as its effects You become addicted to watching it before bed, and if you realize that you have become dependent on television as a way to sleep every day, just as Jain told the health expert that when you become dependent on television as a way to sleep, it makes it difficult or impossible for you when you cannot sleep in front of TV must give up the habit and whether positive or negative effects you have to give up this bad habit.

Does watching TV before bed cause depression and anxiety?
 The science here supports the theory that "blue light emitted by television at night can cause depression and anxiety." Studies tend to keep the room constantly lit for 24 hours, although the TV does not emit the same intensity of brightness but has an effect, as depression and anxiety Possibly they are life threatening diseases and may need more time to get rid of the events that make you feel distracted and stressful events, in such cases, it seems logical that the light from the TV screen disrupts your sleep time.
The benefits of not sleeping in front of the TV:
Having better sleep, we realize that the temptation of the screen is very strong and may prevent you from sleeping at night, especially when you feel tired because the presence of the TV in the bedroom makes us wake up late at night, but there are studies that say watching TV late at night disrupts your sleep cycle and therefore You need to get the TV out of the room in order to get a better quality of sleep and become more productive, prioritizing you, sometimes when you watch TV before bed makes you not think about the problems and things you are going through and you may ignore them but you need to prioritize when you give up watching the TV you will be Your morning thoughts are full of important things that you need to do.

Helping children to study:
When you can get the TV out of the bedroom, you help your children study and take exams in the study with confidence because you increase their concentration in the school subjects that they get instead of focusing on TV, and the presence of TV in the room can be linked to increasing weight and increasing the risk of smoking, strengthening the relationship Marrying, when you give up having TV in the bedroom this will allow, more conversation between the couple and it can be more intimate and intense conversations during the few hours of the day instead of watching TV, and that could be enough reason to get the TV out Sleep well.

Failure to sleep in front of the TV prompts you to read more and do, of course, that there are many benefits for you instead of watching television and exposure to the potential risks to it, going to sleep together, and is considered one of the benefits of getting rid of television presence in the bedroom is going to sleep together, And setting a sleep schedule together and becoming more disciplined with specific dates for sleeping with your wife instead of entering sleep late in her.