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Learn the causes of uterine infections

The cervix is ​​the part responsible for protecting the uterus from the etiology of infection and preventing its access to it, but in cases where the cervix is ​​open and not closed, bacteria and other pathogens can reach the uterus and infect it, often during childbirth or in the event of a procedure. Surgery for the uterus, and through our article we will explain a group of the most important factors that increase the risk of infection of the uterus, namely:

Hysteritis also occurs due to the presence of bacteria in the cervix or vagina into the uterus, where bacteria that live naturally in the vagina and cervix can cause uterine inflammation if it reaches it, and undergo medical or surgical procedures in the pelvic region, as it is subject to one of the Medical procedures or surgical operations in the pelvic area can cause the arrival of one type of bacteria to the uterus, especially if the medical procedure is carried out through the uterus or cervix, as in the case of a biopsy from the uterus, or the installation of an uterine IUD or an operation to expand and curl the uterus, and operations Hysteroscopy that requires the introduction of a small scope To the uterus to search for any disturbances or abnormalities in it.

Childbirth or miscarriage, where childbirth and miscarriage are among the most common causes of uterine infections, especially cesarean delivery, as it is considered a common cause of infection with uterine inflammation, and cesarean delivery is associated with a higher risk of developing uterine infections compared to normal childbirth, and also occurs due to the transmission of infection Sexually, where the sexually transmitted bacterial infection is transmitted during sexual intercourse, the most prominent of which are gonorrhea and chlamydia. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the need to take precautions and use protection during sexual relations.

And occurs as a result of bacterial infection as these infections reach the cervix and lead to swelling and congestion in the cervical lining, as well as due to infection with some diseases related to the reproductive system, and as a result of genetic causes or as a result of multiple sexual practices, may be a reason for this infection, so this type of Inflammation in western countries is a result of the lack of laws to regulate these practices.