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Methods to reduce the temperature of the child

One of the most important ways that helps to reduce the temperature of a child is to do the cold compresses method, as it is one of the known methods since ancient times, where a clean piece of cloth is soaked in cold water, and then placed on the child's forehead and on the edges of these and these are ways that do not cause any side problems for the child Also, one of the ways to use apple cider vinegar is that it can be used to lower the child’s temperature because of its acidity that makes him able to absorb heat, and apple cider vinegar is used by placing half a cup of it into five liters of lukewarm water, then soak the child’s body in the water bath for a period of ten minutes.

Garlic can also be used, as garlic is known to be resistant to diseases and its ability to flush out toxins, and there is an advantage for garlic that is unknown to many as it is an effective reducer of high temperature because it helps the body to sweat and remove toxins from it, thus helping to reduce temperatures, and two lobes of garlic are mashed and mixed with Milk The child must eat this milk twice daily.

Egg whites are considered strange methods, but they are very effective especially for the temperatures that may reach the fever level, and whites are whisk well, then apply it on the soles of the feet and put a thin handkerchief on the eggs and then put on socks and that market rid the child of fever quickly, The use of alcohol used for sterilization is usually always available. If alcohol is not present in its pharmaceutical-medicinal form at home, it is present in perfumes, and perfumes can be used. Treatment is done by placing a small amount of alcohol on the forehead and on the ends, so the child’s body will be revived and rid of the high temperature. a

It can also be used for medicines to reduce the temperature are present in multiple forms either as a liquid or suppositories where they are used every eight hours, this will rid the child of heat, but if the temperature continues to rise three days and did not reduce, the doctor should be reviewed immediately to ensure the safety of the child and make the necessary checks for him.
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