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Causes of neck cramping, its symptoms and methods of treatment

Neck spasm is a common disease, especially in people who use the computer for long periods of time, or because of the wrong sitting for a certain period, and the person may develop neck spasm at bedtime, because the wrong sleep method, which causes sudden sharp pain, and neck spasm affects doing routine work in a way Naturally, a person can not do different tasks due to the pain caused by moving the neck and this causes discomfort and distress, and this feeling causes stiff muscles of the neck or neck spasm when waking up from sleep is severe neck pain, but fortunately there are many ways that you can follow Penchant for pain relief immediately at home., And Ohma what we are going to talk about today to get rid of that problem immediately.

Causes of neck spasm:

There are many causes that affect the neck and cause it cramping, such as:
  1.  Herniated disc in the cervical vertebrae is considered one of the most important reasons that lead to neck spasms.
  2. Having thyroid disorders.
  3. Infection with bone tumors and arthritis.
  4.  Osteoporosis, neck roughness
  5.  Ligament and muscle twisting and soft tissue injury.
  6. Narrowing of the spinal canal and nerve roots.

Symptoms of neck spasm:

  1. Stiffness and stiffness in the muscles.
  2. Feeling of severe and severe pain in the neck.
  3. Sound appears when moving the neck.
  4. Weak muscles of the fingers, hands, and arms with numbness and pain.
  5. Feeling dizziness is a headache in the head or in the back of the head.
  6. Feeling pain in the back and shoulders and shoulders.

Neck spasm treatment:

Use hot and cold compresses:
Bringing heat to the hardened neck helps to relax the muscles and bring new blood to the inflammatory center. The heat you need can be obtained through a warm pillow or towel, alternating with cold compresses to reduce pain and reduce inflammation. Cold and hot compresses can be alternated for 10 minutes each, several times. Everyday or even every hour if the pain is severe, Kaufman warns, though, if she suffers from severe pain - not merely arriving, and between snow and heat (with compresses) when suffering acute pain, makes the pain worse by increasing the inflammation, try these treatments Home for muscle pain.

 Resorting to medicines:
Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil and Motrin are quick treatments for stiff neck, and these non-recommended medications are considered to help by reducing inflammation, so you can exercise your daily life, while not having the benefits of anti-inflammatory can also help to overcome pain, Although all drugs, even if not recommended, involve risks, these medications should be discussed with the doctor or pharmacist first, learning the best pain reliever for every pain.
Walking sport:
This seems to be a strange remedy, but the effect of some simple exercises such as walking, is a great treatment for stiff neck, and exercise helps to spread oxygen to all tissues, including inside the spine, which helps in the healing process, Kaufman says, “Just as you were suffering from inflammation due to Doing exercises, the best thing you can do is to do some light exercise. ”However, painful or stressful activities should be avoided.

Changing sleep habits:
To avoid neck pain in the morning, it is best to sleep on your side or back and never sleep on your stomach, as sleeping on the stomach can lead to head twisting to one side for long periods of time, which may harm the neck, in addition to it may cause lower back pain if When your stomach sits in bed, you may consider purchasing a new pillow, and when purchasing a new pillow you should search for one that will support the natural curve of the neck, this is the best sleeping position to avoid 11 common health problems.

Using ice packs:
Where ice can be used to relieve muscle pain and cramps, including neck spasm, it is worth noting that it is important not to put ice on the skin directly, but to wrap it with a towel, for example, and put it on the neck for no more than ten consecutive minutes, and then you can repeat the use of ice packs At a rate of no more than once per hour.

Taking a healthy and healthy position while sitting:
The neck pain may not be exacerbated by the poor posture of the body, and often this bad posture is a result of the poor computer work situation. The computer must be at the eye level, and this means that you should be in the middle of the screen when you are sitting straight and comfortable, and avoid tilting or twisting your head to the side First down while writing, you should make the neck, shoulders, and hips all go straight towards the computer, everything is within a comfortable range and within the sight range, and Kaufman recommends evaluating the sitting position for a minute every hour, to facilitate this as you thought you were a long doll moving by strings with relaxed and heavy shoulders and pulled towards Vinegar So, this position causes your spine to align naturally in a straight line.