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Causes of stuffy nose and natural ways to get rid of it

Many people complain of a blockage in the nose, which is considered one of the annoying diseases that afflicts a person, and this disease affects one or both nostrils, and it is a disease that may continue for a period of not long time, and it leads to a feeling of discomfort and discomfort, as it affects the operation of the breathing process Correctly, this is apart from dry mouth and throat and bad breath and other effects, so in this article we will present you with a set of ways to overcome this problem.

Causes of stuffy nose:

There are many reasons that may lead to a blockage or congestion in the nose and they are:
  1. Infection with viral infections, especially in the winter, such as influenza, or colds.
  2. The presence of adenoids in the nose, or what is known as sinuses, it can close the nose, which is the main cause of snoring and difficulty sleeping.
  3. Infection of various tumors in that region.
  4.  Nose injury or blow, which causes a kind of deformation in the bone of the nasal septum or in the rooms.
  5.  Suffering from allergies, especially those that affect some people in the spring from pollen.
  6. Inhale some strong scents that may lead to allergic rhinitis, such as mildew smell and moisture, or dust from home or the ocean, among others

Natural ways to clean the nose:

Using a moisturizer:
The humidifier provides you with an easy way to get rid of nasal sinus pain and stuffy nose, and moist air can calm tissue irritation and swelling of blood vessels in the nose and sinuses, and moisturizers also create delicate mucus in the sinuses and this helps in emptying the fluid in your nose and returning breathing to It's normal, and you can put a humidifier in your room to relieve the infection caused by a stuffy nose.

Hot shower:
Where the steam helps you to get rid of the mucus in your nose and reduce inflammation, and hot showers can also help you return the nose to normal at least provide temporary relief, and you can get the same effect when you are exposed to steam and put a towel over the head to allow steam to It reaches the nose well.
Using warm compresses:
When suffering from a stuffy nose, warm compresses help you to get rid of a stuffy nose easily by opening the nasal passages from the outside, and to prepare warm compresses first, soak a cotton towel in hot water and then fold it and put it on the nose and forehead, and warmth provides you with relief from any Pain and helps relieve nose infections, and you can repeat this process whenever needed.

 Using the tongue and pressure between the eyebrows:
You can also treat a stuffy nose by using warm or cold compresses or searching for natural remedies that lead to breakdown of mucus, and you can resort to transferring fluids from the head to the body where pressure is pressed on certain points in the body that stimulate the flow of fluids and get breathing properly It is one of the ways to get rid of a stuffy nose.

Moist body:
Where you must maintain internal moisture in the body, meaning that you drink approximately 8-10 cups of non-cold water daily and drink hot liquids such as tea and soup and avoid coffee, because it gets rid of moisture and causes bitterness in the throat and dry nasal passages.

Eat spicy foods:
Where you can eat foods rich in spices such as mustard, hot pepper, curry, radish are all a group of items that help in cleaning the sinuses, and if you ignore adding spices to your dishes do not try to ignore that and start adding spices to your favorite dishes.

Onions and radish:
As they are useful and cheap nutritional elements for treating sinusitis because both elements contain a high level of sulfur and it is a powerful antibiotic, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory properties, and make sure to use onions and radishes in food recipes or cut onions into small slices and bring them closer to the nose and breath Deep you will notice the results in a few minutes

Turmeric :
Turmeric contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory, and curcumin quickly reduces sinusitis. It gives the immune system a strong boost to treat sinuses, and. You can take turmeric powder or turmeric capsules. You can take 500 mg of turmeric twice daily, which is the recommended daily dose to achieve the best results.

 the Garlic :
We also advise you to eat garlic to get rid of sinusitis, as it is one of the best natural antibiotics as well as a home remedy for sinusitis. You can eat fresh garlic 2-3 cloves or put garlic cloves in the water and eat them or crush garlic and put it in soup, in addition to that you can cut garlic Fresh and cut it to put in water or crush it to get the special texture and use the dough to inhale the fumes coming from the mixture directly to the sinuses.

Red pepper:
It is a great source of powerful remedies for sinusitis at home, and as soon as you go through a piece of hot red pepper with a nose answer it helps relieve sinus pain. In fact, red pepper is a killer solution to natural pain and reduces inflammation, and the wonderful thing about this recipe is that hot pepper works like drugs like paracetamol, but it does not cause any harm.