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Health benefits and uses of tangerine oil

Tangerine oil is one of the most important essential oils, and there are many benefits of tangerine oil. Mandarin orange (reticulata citrus) is one of the sweetest citrus fruits. It is smaller in size and thinner in skin than in navel or bloody oranges. It is harvested in November and shipped to the West through Boxful, at Christmas time, and it is an important symbol during the Chinese year. El Jadida, which represents abundance and happiness, the essential oil of mandarin is mild, sweet in taste, and calming, and comes out of cold pressure on the shell, and mandarin oil consists of D-limonene, gamma-turpine, alpha and beta-benin, and Mersin. These active ingredients, tangerine oil is extracted from the peels of tangerine fruit, an acidic plant whose native plant is China where it was cultivated in parts of China since the twelfth century BC, according to the type, the length of the tangerine fruit tree can range from 5 meters to 7 meters , Tangerine fruit has an orange to orange red color when ripe, and it carries many benefits for good health.

Benefits of mandarin oil:
 Mandarin has soothing effects: Where mandarin is used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda to calm the mind, help the body relax, and help sleep, and in recent studies on its effectiveness, it was found that mandarin oil contains soothing and anti-anxiety properties in some animal tests, and In experiments that were designed to simulate generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, mandarin oil also helped calm rodent expressions of anxiety, and inhalation of mandarin oil also resulted in a significant increase in sleep duration.

Benefits of tangerine relief from pain and nausea:
Where in the hospital in 2016 more than 30,000 patients were given mandarin oil in addition to sweet, sweet, lavender oil. After one inhalation or a mixture of these oils, patients reported an improvement in pain, nausea and anxiety, and from the three oils, the mandarin Especially stronger is because it contains powerful properties to relieve pain after surgery, and it is even better than ginger as a pain reliever, and in addition, mandarin oil also has great effectiveness against nausea.
It is considered an anti-inflammatory:
Where limonene is the main component of mandarin oil, which constitutes about 75% of its chemical composition. Limonene carries many health benefits, including that it has strong anti-inflammatory effects, and chronic inflammation is the possible cause of aging itself. When you are young, the inflammatory molecules are a response to infection or shock, and are sent to areas of the body to repair tissues and destroy pathogens. And, as they age, this inflammatory response can damage tissues and organs, and alter the structure of DNA. It also increases oxidative stress, which may cause a variety of diseases such as cancer, dementia, and cardiovascular disease. Researchers found that limonene works against many inflammatory stimulating cytokines, blocking proteins and enzymes associated with chronic inflammation, including COX-2, TNF-alpha, i.e., nox, interleukin-1 beta, interleukin-6.

Prevents cancer from spreading:
Tangerine oil has proven very effective in preventing the growth and spread of cancer, because it contains a high level of limonene, as in a laboratory experiment on two human cancer cell lines (lung and liver cancer), tangerine oil had an anti-cell proliferation effect in both The two types, surprisingly, that tangerine oil has an anti-tumor effect more than limonene alone, and the anti-cancer properties in limonene have also achieved great results against other types of cancer such as breast cancer, stomach cancer, and as for treatment after cancer, limonene Helps increase survival rates Li is alive for lymphoma, in an animal study in 2004.

Mandarin is considered an antimicrobial:
The CDC notes that 48 million people in the United States suffer annually from food-borne diseases, of whom 128,000 go to hospital, and 3,000 die from eating contaminated food. Several studies have indicated that tangerine oil is a natural preservative against pathogens, bacteria and fungi. In one study, green beans contaminated with listeria were covered with 2% dilute mandarin oil, as it is an antimicrobial substance when combined with some other non-thermal treatment. And mandarin oil immediately reduced the number of listeria, without affecting the food, its texture, taste, or nutritional values. Mandarin oil also continued to prevent bacterial growth for 15 days of cooling.

Use of mandarin essential oil:
Like all other fruits that belong to the citrus family, mandarin has a long history of use in folk medicine, which includes Chinese, Indian and European folk medicine. As they believe that the immature shell of the fruit can treat many conditions from hiccups, coughs, chest pain, digestive disorders to cirrhosis, and mandarin oil is characterized by its delicious, refreshing flavor and attractive smell. And drinks, and as mandarin oil adds to an aesthetic touch to you, as studies and research have proven that it improves the appearance of scars and the effects of wounds and acne, as it gives the skin an attractive and wonderful texture.
Temporal mood booster: put a drop of two in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and inhale deeply.
  • Promotes good sleep, using the essential oil diffuser, add two drops of each of: mandarin oil, lavender, Roman chamomile, and solid sage, and fight aging and heal the skin, by diluting 12 drops of mandarin oil with a spoon of your favorite carrier oil To help fight aging, fine lines, and age spots, it is used as an air freshener with citrus oils, and is made by placing 10 drops of tangerine, with 7 drops of lemon, 4 drops of grapefruit, and 3 drops of cedar oil in 2 / 1 cup of water, then put it in a small spray bottl
  • Mandarin oil is a multi-purpose household cleaner, and is done by placing 2 cups of white vinegar, 2 cups of water, 30 drops of mandarin oil in a large spray bottle, and uses a fruit perfume, and mix mandarin oil with other citrus scents as well Perfume flowers, wood, spices, and herbs. Mix 3 drops of tangerine oil with 3 drops of orange blossom and two drops of cedar oil, which is considered a soothing bath, where two drops of tangerine oil are added, two drops of geranium oil, 3 drops of lavender oil, 4 tablespoons of Coconut oil into a bath with warm water.
  • It is used as a spray for fabrics, and by spraying your pillows and bed linen with this mixture:, a cup of distilled water and a tablespoon of witch hazel, 25 drops of mandarin oil, and a massage mixture, rest your body and mind with this natural mix of massage: two drops Of mandarin, 14 drops of lavender, 7 drops of valerian, 4 drops of sandalwood oil, 3 drops of Chinese rose, and 1/2 cup of grape oil.