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Natural recipes for thickening eyebrows

Thick eyebrows enhance the appearance of a person, while thin eyebrows can make the person appear older, and there are reasons for the delicacy of eyebrows, including thread, wax, and plucking, or as a result of old age, malnutrition, or misuse of cosmetics, or some cases Medicines such as thyroid gland, eczema, and some medical treatments that lead to eyebrow hair loss such as chemotherapy and radiation. There are natural ingredients that can make eyelashes naturally dense, safe and at no cost, and by using them in the daily care routine the eyelashes will change for the better, and it may be dispensed with Mascara, fake eyelashes Also. In this article, we will talk about ways to intensify the different eyelashes to obtain thick and long eyelashes.

Natural recipes to make brows thicker:
Castor oil: It resists any organisms that hinder the growth of eyebrow hair and increases its growth because it contains proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that feed the hair follicles, and castor oil is one of the most effective treatments for thickening hair and making the eyebrows thicker; because it contains proteins, Vitamins, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants that help nourish hair follicles and enhance their growth. The way to use it is to do an allergy test before proceeding to apply castor to the eyebrows to make sure there is no irritation or sensitivity to the skin because of it, and then massage the eyebrows with drops of oil Castor using fingertips, then leave castor on the eyebrows for 30 minutes, then use a make-up remover to remove castor, then wash the face with warm water., And repeat circulating castor oil to the eyebrows every day to promote hair growth, and obtain thick and strong eyebrows.

olive oil:
One of the effective remedies to solve the problem of light eyebrows is olive oil, because it contains vitamin E, which promotes hair growth, increases the growth of the eyebrow because it contains vitamin E and maintains the color of the black eyebrow. As for the method of using it, it is as follows: Heat a spoonful of olive oil until it becomes Warm and massage the area of ​​the eyebrows with olive oil using the fingertips for 5 minutes, leave the olive oil for 5 hours, then wash the face with warm water. Repeat the mask every day to get the desired results.

Where coconut oil: helps to increase the density of the eyebrows due to its role in promoting good blood circulation, and its ability to moisturize hair deeply, the way to use it is to distribute an amount of it daily before bedtime, rinse it the next morning, and rinse the oil from the eyebrows while washing the face in The next morning. Use coconut oil on the eyebrows daily, or several times a week, to continue for 3 months to get the best results.
yolk :
The proteins needed by the hair for its growth are concentrated in egg whites. The yolk contains an amount of vitamin D and sulfur, which is necessary for healthy hair and does not contain a lot of protein. We use an egg and separate the whites from the yolk and whisk it well. She has eyebrows, and is left for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes. Wash in cold water and use twice a week.

Milk mask:
Milk contains many vitamins and nutrients that promote the growth of eyebrow hair, as it is a deep natural moisturizer for it, so it can be used in the following way, dipping a piece of cotton into the milk, then gently massaging the eyebrows with it, and leaving the milk mask on the eyebrows for 15 minutes Then wash it off with water. Repeat the mask daily to increase the growth of eyebrow hair.

Eyelashes Care Tips:

There are many tips that can be followed to care for eyelashes, make them thicker, and longer, including:
  1.  Combing eyelashes: combing eyelashes helps get rid of dust and dirt that clogs pores, and it encourages blood circulation; foodstuffs reach hair follicles, and eyelashes are combed for 5 minutes twice daily with an old brush of mascara, and a few drops of Vitamin E.
  2. Drink plenty of water: the water maintains the overall health of the body, provides shine and health to hair and skin, and helps the growth of eyelashes further. Following a healthy diet: As taking vitamins daily, especially B vitamins, and adding foods that contain omega-3 to the diet.
  3.  Remove makeup before bed: The eye makeup should be removed lightly and cautiously, making sure to remove the makeup before bed, and oil can be used to remove eye makeup because the oil strengthens the eyelashes, and helps them grow faster.