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Symptoms of stomach ulcers and methods of treatment

Stomach ulcers are a form of peptic ulcer, which affects the stomach and small intestine. In fact, stomach ulcers occur due to low production of the mucous layer lining the stomach, which is responsible for protecting them from the strong acids produced by the stomach to help digest food, and the problem of stomach ulcers is considered to be from Easily treatable health problems, however, lack of access to appropriate treatment may lead to its transformation into a serious health problem, you may have a stomach ulcer problem and you do not know, and from time to time you may feel a set of symptoms without knowing a clear reason for that whether the injury Flu, cough, pain, sore throat, and there are symptoms that should never be ignored, and know the symptoms of stomach ulcers that should not be overlooked and pay attention to these symptoms well until you turn to see a doctor and get appropriate treatment, and there is a group of symptoms of stomach ulcers that are a red line and need You have to go to the doctor immediately.

Causes of stomach ulcers:

Stomach ulcers do not cause only one factor, but there is a gradual decrease in the mucous lining of the stomach gradually, and eventually stomach ulcers occur due to many factors:
  1. Infection with a bacterial infection.
  2. Long-term use of drugs, especially painkillers, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.
  3. Excess acid in the stomach and this is linked to genetic causes and lifestyle (exposure to more stress).
  4. Resort to some behaviors that put you at risk of stomach ulcers such as smoking, repeated use of asthma medications, family history of stomach ulcers.
Symptoms of stomach ulcers:
Stomach ache incidence:
Where it is when you feel abdominal pain, which is usually between the chest area, and the area of ​​the navel of the abdomen, especially after eating meals, and often the pain comes and goes in the form of feeling a burning sensation and varies depending on the severity of the condition, as the pain can continue for a few minutes and even several hours, as That the pain comes and goes for several days and weeks, however, you should bear in mind that stomach ulcers are not always painful, sometimes for people who do not experience stomach pain but may experience other symptoms.

Heartburn can be a symptom of heartburn, but it may be linked to stomach ulcers, and if you feel a burning sensation that comes out of the chest until this burning begins to subside when you take water or antacid medications, the feeling of heartburn is often linked to the foods you eat Also, it causes stomach upset or irritating heartburn after eating, and heartburn causes a lot of discomfort. Try to see a doctor to determine the cause behind it.
Feeling of bloating is one of the common diseases when the abdomen is full and also when consuming a large amount of water. Bulging is also one of the primary symptoms of stomach ulcers, as people who suffer from stomach ulcers suffer from bloating, especially in the middle region, and the swelling causes pain and swelling Abdomen, and when you suffer from swelling over a long period of time, try to consult a doctor to get an immediate solution to the problem.

Loss of appetite and weight:
Sudden and severe stomach pain is one of the symptoms of stomach ulcers, which lasts for a few hours after eating a meal (digestion stage) and this often causes the patient to fear eating or completely losing appetite, and undue weight loss with loss of appetite becomes normal for you to suffer From losing weight without obtaining a justified reason for that, and you may suffer from sudden weight loss due to frequent vomiting, especially after eating meals.

Stool discoloration:
When any change in stool color occurs, it is a sure sign of peptic ulcers. In fact, this condition requires you to get medical advice, as it becomes sticky and dark, and this could be due to stomach bleeding that leads to discoloration of stool, which ranges in color Between light yellow and even black, it leads to a change in color and consistency that occurs due to chemical reactions in the blood inside the intestine that produce digestive enzymes, and ulcers become more severe when there is blood in the stool.
Chest pain:
When you feel very uncomfortable as if someone puts pressure on your chest, which can be accompanied by radiating pain in the arm, nausea, vomiting, sweating, difficulty breathing and this means that you may suffer from other conditions such as heartburn and in this case it becomes life threatening.

hard breathing :
Sudden feeling of not being able to breathe and breathing faster than usual, and without a clear explanation for that, and you can treat this by lying down or practicing breathing exercises. And when you suffer from wheezing or panting when breathing it may mean blocking of the lungs and blood clots or blockage of the lungs or obstruction Chronic pulmonary.

Severe sudden headache:
Feeling a severe headache leads to headache, unlike you felt before, and may peak in seconds or minutes due to an aneurysm or a bursting of blood vessels in the brain. This headache requires immediate attention and other cases include meningitis.

Infection with fever:
Since when the body temperature rises in a sudden way, as you need an immediate trip to the doctor, and without exclusion you need to check the body temperature test, especially when it lasts for several weeks without knowing a clear reason for that, and high fever may indicate a disease. Like cancer, sinus infection, urinary tract infection, pneumonia, leukemia.

Sudden confusion:
Since when you notice unjustified changes in your character's behavior, such as aggression or an inability to focus, the scenario may be so much worse than stomach ulcers, but slight changes can indicate stomach ulcers and generally need medical intervention.

What is the treatment for stomach ulcers:
There are some tips and home remedies that may help alleviate the symptoms associated with stomach ulcers, including:

Eat a healthy diet:
Care should be taken to follow a healthy and integrated diet, in order to obtain the vitamins needed to help heal stomach ulcers, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, and it should be noted that eating foods that contain beneficial bacteria or probiotics that help to heal ulcers, and these foods; Yogurt, pickled cabbage, and aged cheese.

Eat reasonably:
For treating stomach ulcers it is recommended to keep the digestive juices from attacking the lining of the digestive tract and keep the food well, and you can achieve this by eating small meals frequently, and avoid eating fatty meals, because more food causes the formation of the digestive juices as well as weight gain but Small snacks bring you a healthy lifestyle.

 Increased fiber:
People suffering from stomach ulcers must eat a lot of unrefined vegetable foods that contain a high content of fiber, through a diet rich in fiber that helps protect the stomach lining from digestive juices and stomach acid, and foods rich in fiber include spinach, cabbage Broccoli sprouts.

Avoid stress:
Stress can worsen the symptoms of stomach ulcers, so care must be taken to avoid stress, and learn techniques that help reduce and control stress, such as: exercising, and spending time with friends.

Quitting smoking and abstaining from alcohol:
 As smoking causes increased acid production in the stomach, as it affects the lining of the stomach, which increases the chance of stomach ulcers, and alcohol should be abstained, as alcohol consumption may lead to inflammation and bleeding in the stomach, as a result of alcohol causing irritation and removal of the lining Mucous stomach.

Avoid consuming milk and adequate sleep:
Although eating milk helps relieve stomach ulcers pain in the short term, it leads to increased gastric acid secretion at a later time, which leads to worse symptoms, and adequate sleep helps obtain an adequate number of hours of sleep to boost the immune system And control the tension, and it is worth avoiding eating meals shortly before bed.