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Ways to overcome fatigue, laziness and restore activity

Individuals often experience lethargy and fatigue laziness after doing a high effort or perhaps a lack of some nutrients, where a person feels an unwillingness to do any of the things and works but a feeling of desire, sleep and rest, which is a natural reaction of the body to warn of its need for rest or the beginning of some problems He has, as when moving or performing any of the functions, the body needs energy to move the muscles and the rest of the body, and the person who suffers from lethargy and laziness may suffer from constipation and indigestion, loss of appetite or vice versa, increased appetite opening, difficulty falling into sleep and insomnia, and because laziness has become Phenomenon of a world E and spread among a large number of individuals many and caused health problems and complications of laziness and inactivity may lead to death, and is now considered a major risk factor for death worldwide, and according to the latest studies, the sloth kills the largest number of Britons such as smoking completely.

Reasons for feeling lethargic and lazy:

There are many reasons, including what is organic and some that are psychological, namely:
  •  Pregnancy, childbirth and associated fatigue.
  • Eating unhealthy food, where fatty ready-made meals cause fatigue and laziness.
  • Dehydration and lack of fluids in the body, as water constitutes a large percentage of the components of the cell and thus when the fluids in the cell decrease, it becomes the ability to perform functions and tasks.
  • Not exposed to the open air and sunlight as it causes lethargy, laziness and fatigue. Thyroid disorders, where the thyroid gland controls the metabolism processes in the body that convert food into energy that the body uses for movement and activity.
  •  Sitting for long periods, whether on television or computers. Sitting on the body for long periods of time leads to energy depletion.
  •  Lack of sleep or interrupted sleep and staying up late for long periods. Deficiency of some elements like vitamin B12, calcium and zinc. Low blood sugar concentration.
  •  Stress, anxiety and severe stress on the body.
  •  The wrong way to stand which causes the consumption of a lot of energy and then the body begins to feel idle and lazy.
  •  Exercise excessively leading to energy consumption in the body and muscle fatigue.
  • Depression is the main cause of laziness, lethargy, and an unwillingness to move.

Ways to get rid of feeling tired and lazy:

When we talk about foods that fight fatigue, one of the best foods that can be eaten is spinach, as spinach is considered one of the most iron-rich foods, as the iron content helps to provide more oxygen to the blood cells, and spinach contains magnesium and potassium And vitamins B and C, all contribute to boosting metabolism.

 Red pepper:
Red pepper is one of the effective treatments that are used to get rid of fatigue and fatigue, because it contains the necessary nutrients that are the main reason for treatment, as it is one of the best sources of vitamin C, and pepper helps reduce free radicals in the blood and reduce the level of stress hormone. Cortisol, and eating 1 cup of red pepper per day is sufficient to maintain energy and metabolism, and you can include red pepper in the raw, roasted, grilled, cooked or stuffed form.

It is considered one of the foods useful in fighting fatigue is nuts, as it is high in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, and nuts is one of the most natural ways to combat fatigue and depression, which is often the root cause of chronic fatigue. Besides these nutrients, nuts are also rich With fibers and minerals that help boost cellular body function.
As it is considered one of the best foods in the list of foods that fight fatigue are beans, as beans are considered a very rich food because they contain a good percentage of complex carbohydrates and protein, a group of minerals, low sugar content in them and the presence of high fiber makes them ideal when it comes to giving a boost Of energy that can last over a long time.

It is an almost perfect treatment when it comes to how to combat fatigue, as high-quality carbohydrates and proteins nourish the brain and muscles to give you a boost of energy, and oats also contain magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin B1, which contributes to metabolism and energy production.

Yogurt contains high protein, carbohydrates and probiotics in yogurt that make it an effective treatment to combat fatigue, and the probiotic properties of yogurt help maintain intestinal health, which contributes to improving nutrient absorption and making the digestive system healthier, and these factors contribute to reducing symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and elimination on her.

 pumpkin seeds:
It is one of the best light foods that can fight fatigue. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with minerals and vitamins B. These high protein seeds also contain a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which all help to boost energy. In addition, tryptophan (a type of amino acid) In pumpkin seeds helps improve sleep, which can be a major factor when it comes to how to combat chronic fatigue.

Potato water:
It is considered one of the best and less common natural ways to combat fatigue is potato water, as it is rich in a quantity of magnesium and potassium and works to combat dehydration, which is the main contributor to the treatment of fatigue, and do not expect energy from potato water such as high caffeine or high sugar, but you will get a long push Of energy that will last longer.