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Causes of pigmentation of teeth and methods of treatment

Many people want to get a wonderful smile, but there are many people who suffer from pigmentation of teeth that appear on the enamel of the teeth and the teeth appear yellow, brown or gray, and the pigmentation of the teeth in several areas are usually coordinated and close to the gums or uncoordinated Or anywhere on the teeth, and the most important factor for obtaining bright white teeth is to keep your teeth clean, good, and shiny. Usually, dental stains are a common nuisance and complaint from everyone, as they cause great embarrassment to you when you smile, so you should be Knowing the causes of dental stains and how to prevent them from occurring, will n Explain in our article about the most important treatments.

Causes of tooth pigmentation:
  1. Eat some foods and drinks: such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and foods such as "potatoes, cherries, berries" can cause external stains in the teeth.
  2. Tobacco: where smoking or chewing tobacco can change its color.
  3. Poor cleaning of teeth: it can be caused by the use of toothpaste that is not strong and effective in removing stains, and this leads to the accumulation of food stains on the teeth.
  4. Infection with some diseases: such as some rickets in children or diseases that are transmitted to children from the mother and lead to high bilirubin in the blood of children.
  5. Taking some medications: Where taking antihistamines, antidepressants and blood pressure medications can lead to the occurrence of pigmentation in the teeth, as well as taking pregnant mothers antibiotics such as tetracycline to the coloration of the child's teeth, in addition to that children who take anti-tetracycline and doxycycline during the growth period Teeth (before the age of eight) because it leads to permanent pigmentation of the teeth.
  6. Aging: With age, it can lead to discoloration of the tooth enamel layer. And it works to increase the accumulation of internal dentine and become darker than the outer layer of the teeth and the teeth appear more yellowing or resort to cosmetic treatments.
  7. Genetics: Some individuals are extremely fortunate and have brighter teeth.
  8. Dental injuries: fall of teeth or death of the nerve can lead to discoloration of teeth in adults and children.
Pigmentation treatment:

Eat strawberries:
Where strawberries help in bleaching teeth because they contain an enzyme called malic acid and vitamin C, and the astringents that are found in strawberries removes external tooth stains. Therefore, you can puree strawberries in a brush and wash teeth once or twice a week and give Positive results, and you can also chew the straw well so that you can brush your teeth on their own.

Use a mixture of baking soda and lemon:
As this mixture is considered one of the most popular home remedies to treat pigmentation of teeth, and where a chemical reaction occurs between baking soda and lemon juice until it gives a bright smile, urging that these components give effective results by simply brushing the teeth with them once a week.

Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables:
Since eating apples, celery, carrots is very beneficial for your teeth, as the crunchy vegetables work as a natural toothbrush, as they work to remove bacteria from the mouth and they also scrub the stains on the surface of the teeth and get whiter teeth, where the apples contain Malic acid, which is a chemical that is also found in strawberries and works as a bleaching agent that removes stains on teeth.

Use of teeth whitening laser:
Where it is used by applying a peroxide gel (dental gel) and then whitening the teeth in specialized centers, and that does not take more than one hour, as the thermal laser works on whitening the teeth and gives effective results in the shortest possible time.