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Learn ways to strengthen the brain

One of the best ways to increase brain power includes listening to music, reducing pressure, good sleep, exercising, teaching others, seeking new skills, solving some mental puzzles, reading, breaking a routine, writing by hand or having sex, and changing your diet by eating chocolate Celery, beets, nuts, spinach, bananas and turmeric, and humans and their ancestors have benefited millions of years ago with tremendous functions of the brain. Such as self-awareness, perception, logic, memory, knowledge preservation, and many cerebral activities that led us to where we are now, but this matter is not enough for everyone and the truth is that we do not come close to the ability that the brain processes carry, and the like Any muscle may get out of control and may laze, and the brain is considered a computer to a huge much better than the computer that we actually created, so we have to make sure that all of its parts work well.

Brain strengthening methods
Doing exercises:
As there is a strong link between physical exercise and increased brain power, the release of endorphins during an exercise affects positively everything from blood flow to energy levels, so they all unite to give the brain specific support after 30 or 50 minutes of exercise.

Eat celery:
As it is considered one of the best foods for the brain and the least prevalent is the packaged celery in the titlenein, which is the compound linked to prevent nerve relapse, and this strong substance does this by preventing cytokine inflammation in the brain, which slows the onset of age-related memory loss.

Drought :
Water is the key to human health as it plays an important role in knowledge as well, and by keeping our bodies hydrated, we support a better metabolic function and a balanced distribution of energy across cells and organs to allow our brain to work with all its ability. But if the body dries up, the cognitive function records a noticeable decrease in performance.

 Dark chocolate:
 Chocolate is considered to have a very delicious taste, but it is also good for the brain, and obtaining some substances such as caffeine, theobromine and dark chocolate may increase short-term knowledge, and cocoa contains tons of antioxidants that help protect the brain from cognitive deficiency.

Challenge your brain:
Solving difficult cerebral problems, such as solving crossword puzzles with some difficult mental activities, may all stimulate the brain to restore old memories and parts of knowledge that have stored far away in the corners of the brain. And puzzles will help to maximize brain power.
 the banana :
 Bananas were always known as brain food, and the main reason for this is due to potassium, which is considered a vasodilator, which also reduces pressure on blood vessels and increases blood flow, which in turn increases oxygen in the body, and high levels of potassium in bananas can To keep all corners of the brain active and effective.

Searching for new interests:
 Creating new ways of knowledge is one of the best ways to prevent cognitive deficiency and may delay the occurrence of some symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia. When radical plates attack the brain, it closes the mental pathways, but following new topics and different interests pushes your mind to adapt and think of new ways that strengthen the nerve connections and keep the brain strong.

Sleep just enough
Where the brain needs rest like all other bodies as well, especially after passing a difficult mental activity (passing a test or discussing a complex topic), our brain will need time to recover and recharge itself again. Studies have shown that an individual who has had enough rest has the strongest ability to focus, pay attention and preserve knowledge, even if this means that he will sleep a little in the middle of the day.

Reducing pressure levels:
People who are exposed to many stresses, their bodies are among the most vulnerable to carrying dangerous compounds, and while pressure hormones are absolutely necessary to survive, chronic pressure means that these hormones are present in the body continuously which leads to brain fatigue or possibly destruction., For example , Then cortisol may adversely affect the anatomy of the brain (the region of the brain responsible for short-term memory), in other words, if you are stressed you will not have the ability to progress or remember things well.

 Too much reading:
 It seems that the popularity of reading is diminishing, but it will remain one of the best ways to find new ideas, preserve knowledge, and strengthen focus skills. If you can read one or two books a week in order to make sure your mind is always burning.

Eating nuts:
Where the brain needs a number of substances to stay healthy, including vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. Nuts are one of the easiest sources to get vitamin E and fatty acids, which work together to protect the brain from the side effects of sedimentation.