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Reasons for feeling broken body when waking up

It turns out that there is a group of reasons behind the feeling of a breakage in the body, and this feeling may be one of the symptoms of various medical problems., And some need a few minutes in the morning or half an hour in order to feel active and start the day, and the body feels broken due to getting out of hibernation, moreover You feel a lack of enthusiasm for going to work in the morning, and a feeling of morning fatigue and lack of energy in the first parts of the day after waking up to sleep from 7-8 hours, and this feeling can continue for the first half of the next day until you get a quiet night of sleep And if you went to sleep at 22:00 p.m. and woke up at 6:00 p.m. Your activity will start at 8 in the morning, while some individuals may reach his activity at 10:00 in the morning.

Why do you feel that your body "breaks" when you wake up?
Lack of sleep: as it is considered one of the most common reasons for feeling tired in the morning, and lack of sleep leads to feeling tired, tired and having anxiety attacks, and you need to know the number of hours needed since children need 16 hours and adolescents need 9 hours and adults need between 7-8 hours every night, but some may need more than 5 hours or 10 hours a day.

Lack of eating:
As it is considered one of the clear causes of fatigue, and not eating enough food or eating the wrong foods can lead to a problem, and if you start your day eating cookies, the blood sugar level reaches its climax and it is broken slowly, so always try to eat a healthy breakfast And, with an attempt to include protein and complex carbohydrates such as eggs, toast made with wheat, to keep your energy levels stable.

Anemia :
As it is considered one of the most common reasons behind morning fatigue because red blood cells are not sufficient to carry enough oxygen to tissues and organs, and you can also perform a blood test for diagnosis, and anemia may affect women negatively in the menopause stage, and treatment depends on The most common cause of anemia can be corrected by eating foods rich in iron, lean meat, iron-fortified cereals, or iron supplements.

 Difficulty breathing during sleep:
Sometimes you experience breathing problems during sleep that can be related to an underlying medical problem, and can vary from nasal congestion and sinusitis to chronic obstructive airway diseases. Difficulty breathing during sleep may be one of the problems that are ignored, but it leads to obstruction, a condition that results in sleep apnea for short periods of time leading to waking up to restore a normal breathing pattern.

 where snoring can affect the feeling of a broken body in the morning lightly, because snoring can wake you up due to the noise that occurs, and try to treat snoring through excessive weight loss can make a big difference in treating snoring. Sleeping on your side when exposed For snoring when sleeping on your back.

 Feeling of heartburn at night:
Where it is known that the back flow of stomach acid is a very common conditions all over the world. One of the main symptoms of it is heartburn. It increases the stomach from acid production at night and when lying on one side makes it easy for the acid to reach the esophagus, resulting in a feeling of burning. Therefore, people who suffer from reflux esophagus at night experience exacerbate the matter.

 Get caffeine at night:
Many individuals may need to get caffeine at night, but it has been proven that this bad habit affects the naturalness of sleep, and it does not enable you to fall asleep and sleep disturbances, and you can include tea and coffee during your day and avoid eating it after 14:00 pm until you can sleep Well at night.

 Night urination:
Where the National Sleep Foundation states that 65% of adults suffer from sleep deprivation due to urination at night, and the process is usually normal due to the concentration of urine at sleep and when sleeping 6 - 8 hours and with age, they become less able to hold fluids for long periods due to the decline Urine-producing hormones. When using the bathroom several times, some people have difficulty getting back to sleep again and sleep intermittently.

Tips to get rid of the feeling of cracking the body in the morning:
Eating early: It is considered one of the reasons that you wake up with a feeling of breaking the body in the morning is eating heavy meals at night or eating late at night, and do not try to go to sleep with a heavy stomach, because it leads to improper sleep patterns and deep sleep. To treat this problem, you can eat early before bed.

Avoid stressful bedtime activities:
As it is better to avoid doing stressful activities for the mind or body before going to sleep, all stressful activities should be avoided before bed. And because these activities stimulate the mind and leave you feeling uncomfortable in bed and the mind takes more time to enter the stage of deep sleep and thus feeling tired In the morning, you can read a book or listen to music, as it is one of the activities that calm the mind and allow the body to enter the stage of deep sleep.

 Follow a regular sleep pattern:
It is better to follow a regular sleep pattern and not to change the times of sleep, and it is preferable to regular the number of hours of sleep and a good sleep cycle, for example, going to sleep at 10 pm and waking up at 6 am and following this routine regularly, and if you have difficulty sleeping early You can go to the bedroom with dim lights to indicate that it is time to sleep.