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What are the causes of crying babies?

The crying of newborns for up to two hours seems not surprising, but after a period of time there becomes a major question which is why my child cries a lot, and to answer this question there are a set of common reasons behind the child crying a lot and we try to collect them for you with an explanation of different ways to calm the child But the doctor must be prepared once the child suffers from difficulty breathing while crying or until there is vomiting or diarrhea with crying, and the child's crying is often an expression of his desire for some things such as eating food, pain, fear, the need to sleep, and many other things, And parents must know Ki In this case, the following are the most common reasons why a child cries a lot and how to calm down a child.

Why is my baby crying so much?
Feeling hungry: Maybe the first thing that comes to your mind when a child cries is hunger, and the question comes, “Is he hungry again? It becomes when the child's crying from scratch to cry very quickly and if you do not feed the child for a period of time it can be crying a lot because of hunger because he needs food. In this case, the child’s signs must be answered, and you can look at the early signs of hunger, which are moving the lips, sucking hands, or once you see the child craving when seeing any food in the room, you can start breastfeeding. Easily increases.

 Abdominal problems:
The child also suffers from flatulence and flatulence that causes him to squirm with pain, says Pretty Barrick, MD, New York by grabbing the child and placing him on the left side or on his stomach to help with digestion and pushing him on his chest to help him relieve gases.

Soiled diapers:
When the baby sits in the wet diaper for hours without care from the mother leads to crying, and you can prevent the crying connected by doing the diaper opening and a quick examination, but some diaper brands give a wet indicator and change their color when they are wet instead of stripping the child every time .

And the child can begin to teething from four months of age and may lead to a lot of chaos, and there are a set of other alarming signs of teething that are excessive salivation gnawing anything at hand, and he can get used to sucking anything up to the thumb you can put your finger As an attempt to calm the baby or try to massage the gums repeatedly or give the child towels or aprons to make him feel comfortable when absorbed.

Feeling sleepy:
You may be able to sleep as soon as you reach the bed, in fact that the child, the more tired the more difficult it is to sleep, and thus crying and for starters you need to make the child feel comfortable and warm. The child may respond to a vibrating movement, a loud voice, or even their concern, and you can put a routine for the child until the child falls asleep and resist the desire to sleep the child during the nap in order to help him sleep at night. And you must allow the child to sleep in order to feel comfortable.

 Need to burp:
All mothers remember to do a burp for the child only after feeding, but he needs to burp after everything until the child's crying often leads to the child being plunged into the air. Therefore, when you see the child crying a lot, there is no objection to giving the child a slight blow on his back and after two or three attempts it will happen Ali has a good burp for the baby.

Want to hug:
Children need a lot of hugging, and they want to see the faces of their parents, hear their voices and listen to the heartbeat as it reveals a unique smell and thus, the first few months of life, and whenever possible, you can put the child in your arms.

 His body is very cold or very warm:
When the child feels cold when he takes off his clothes and changes the diaper, all these desires are expressed in tears. In newborns, you may notice an increase in temperature due to wearing more than one layer of clothing. As a general rule, the child needs to wear clothes in a comfortable way in order for the child to become less susceptible to complaining because it is very warm or very cold because it does not satisfy the same degree of rigor.