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What are the ways to clean the lung naturally

To keep the body clean from the inside is considered one of the best things that you can do to stay in good health and you need to follow the methods of cleaning the lung and cleaning the colon and cleaning the liver regularly because they are one of the vital organs in the body, and here are measures that you can follow to keep the lungs clean because it is necessary to keep the lungs In good health, as the lungs are the device that is ignored even though they are exposed to lethal pollutants and the microbes in the air that we inhale. And to take a look at ways to clean the lungs.

Cleaning the lung in natural ways

Non-smoking :
You should know that the most important thing to think about is the harmful effect of smoking on the lungs, an effect that has been known for thousands of years, but some people find that smoking leads to the accumulation of black tar in the lungs and the blockage of the lungs, not to mention the accumulation of many chemicals that are found in Cigarette smoke like carbon monoxide and contributes to the development of many problems such as emphysema and cancer, and if you live or work with a smoker you should avoid sitting with him immediately or ask him to go out to smoke outside.

Eat foods rich in folic acid:
If you smoke or quit smoking recently, try to get enough amounts of folic acid and vitamin B from spinach, turnip, beans, etc., and a study at the MD Anderson Cancer Center found that when smokers consumed sufficient amounts of folic acid, reduce their The incidence of lung cancer is about 40%.

Doing exercise:
As it helps to promote detoxification, breathing exercises also deepen the work of the lungs and clear your airways, and deep breathing provides you with an additional benefit which is providing oxygen for the body and getting rid of bad breathing habits, and try to find a quiet place to practice performing breathing exercises Deep benefit the lungs.

Healthy diet:
Eating pistachios, bananas, and hot peppers is one of the foods that helps in promoting healthy lung functions, as pistachios contain tocopherol, a type of vitamin E that is believed to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Mucus that builds up in the respiratory system, and hot pepper relieve chest irritation and cough and sore throat.

 Reducing exposure to polluted air in enclosed spaces:
Contaminated interior environments can contain more than 1000 types of mold due to a variety of factors such as animal dander, which lead to allergies. Also cleaning products based on vapors of toxic substances. There is a set of internal pollution sources such as upholstery, carpets, paint, building materials and so on. The problem of indoor pollution is compounded by the fact that the spaces of household buildings have become smaller and this reduces the air flow inside the house.

Garlic lung cleaning:
Where garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties because it contains a high percentage of allicin and this helps in fighting infection and reducing inflammation. Many people also considered that garlic is very effective in improving asthma and reducing the risk of lung cancer.

As ginger helps wipe the lungs thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, you can add ginger to various dishes because it is one of the herbs that are widely used, and you can also use it in preparing ginger tea mixed with lemon, and this helps greatly in removing toxins from the respiratory system.

carrot juice :
Contains very beneficial elements that help clean the lung, protect the respiratory system from diseases and resist the effects of smoking. Carrot juice is rich in vitamins that reduce the risk of emphysema. Studies show that eating a few carrots daily can go a long way in protecting against lung cancer due to the high levels of gamma carotene, lycopene and alpha carotene that do not get rid of pineapple peels to benefit from.