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Causes of joint and muscle pain and its treatment methods

There are many aches and cramps that affect the areas of the muscles and joints in the body, and these pains affect all aspects of life, as they hinder their various activities and activities, because they hinder movement freely, or cause fatigue after a little movement, and these pains are caused by many factors and causes Which we will show in detail in this article, in addition to highlighting the most important treatments that can get rid of this problem.

Causes of joint and muscle pain:
Arthritis infection:
 It is considered a disease that results from inflammation of the membrane of the joint and causes many different aches depending on the severity of the condition that affects the patient, and the inflammation can be caused by bacterial or rheumatic inflammation and is known scientifically as Polymyalgia rheumatic, as it is one of the most common infections around the world, which affects humans starting From the age of twenty to fifty and beyond.

Infectious arthritis:
It is that which is transmitted from the infected person to others through infection, through the spread of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and this type of inflammation causes severe pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles, and this is accompanied by a state of redness in the tissues with high temperature and chills. Joint joints that affect women greatly, and result from great muscle effort, genetics, and obesity, and gout cause pain, especially for people over the age of forty years.

Rheumatoid arthritis:
It is a case of inflammation that affects many parts of the human body, and directly affects the small joints in the hands, and suddenly violent exercise after a period of absence from exercises, in light of the stiffness of the muscles and joints, accidents and bruises that affect the bones, joints, muscles, and Lack of relaxation and rest.

Treating joint and muscle aches:
There are many treatments for joint and muscle aches, the most important of which are:
  • Treating arthritis and muscles of all kinds, by taking anti-drug drugs after this appropriate medical diagnosis.
  • Reducing aches in cold water, by applying an iced water bag for at least ten minutes.
  • Take a rest for a period of time, and be sure to practice multiple relaxation techniques, including sleeping and breathing deeply, meditation, yoga, and outdoor walks, among others.
  • Avoid sitting for long hours and exercising properly. Splints that improve the position of joints and muscles.
  •  Get rid of obesity, and not sit on hard floors.
  •  Washing the body with salt and water, as there is a medical treatment for various infections, through injections or medications, and there are natural remedies that can get rid of those aches and cramps.