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Causes of jealousy in women and their treatment

Jealousy is a competitive emotion in a person, which may make him want to get something that does not belong to him or want to get it, or feel fear of losing what he has, and not being satisfied with it, and he may feel a variety of different feelings, including anger, sadness, doubt, and lack of self-confidence Or his partner, and the problem may be exacerbated by a feeling of introvertedness, the desire to own it, or impulsivity towards others, and the use of inappropriate methods with them, such as trying to differentiate between friends and loved ones, gossip, or spreading rumors and creating problems between them, so one must be honest with himself, and work With his good morals, feelings of jealousy are not allowed to control him, but he is realistic and convinced, helps to preserve what he has, satisfies his circumstances, and seeks and strives to change it for the better.

Causes of jealousy in women:
 There are many reasons that generate feelings of jealousy for women, including:
As trust is important in relationships, it is divided into two parts, divided into two parts, namely:
 Self-confidence: It is considered a good thing for a woman, as her lack of confidence in herself may be a reason for her jealousy of others, and portraying them better than her, which creates for her a feeling of fear that the partner is not satisfied with her and his preference for others; Because it has additional features, such as beauty, elegance, culture, and other things that may make it more attractive to him.

Trust in a partner: is a basic pillar on which successful and stable relationships are based, and its lack may cause a woman to be jealous and suspicious of her partner, or disbelieve him, and this is due to the lack of building trust and promoting them between them in a good way, or engaging in suspicious behaviors that undermine their confidence in them, such as lying to them continuously And cheating, breaking the dates, and breaking the covenants, which are negative characteristics that make them doubt his actions, even if they are normal, and they are jealous over him because of the lack of trust in him.

Partner's lack of interest and negligence:
 As feelings reinforce friendliness, love and attention, mutual passion between the two partners and strengthens the relationship between them, and makes them grow with time, as it increases familiarity and harmony between them, which is a basic need that brings their hearts closer, as the woman feels a strong love towards the man who cares for her, flirts with her, recognizes her femininity and beauty, and expresses his admiration With her personality, and her culture as well, and therefore shortening her direction and not giving her enough attention will generate a feeling of fear, anxiety and suspicion towards him.

 Competition among women:
 Whereas, women and men in general may feel the competition between their friends, colleagues, and relatives, whether at the level of work or other relationships, in addition to the presence of this innate instinct in a strong way for some women, which generates a feeling of jealousy from some of them, such as admiring two women with one man, who Makes them compete strongly to attract him, and one feels jealous when he is attentive to another or exchanges feelings and preference, just as the same applies to the two men who like the same girl.

Instability and balance:
There are jealous relationships, which may be a natural reaction to the lack of feeling comfortable and safe.Thus, the strained and unstable relations in which there are many disagreements with the partner, the woman feels the possibility of losing it and leaving it to her, and makes her jealous over him, and doubts his other relationships, sometimes when the woman temporarily separates from her partner , Or their return after separation increases these feelings, and make them resort to spying on him sometimes, and tampering with his personal belongings without permission; Like his phone, and his various electronic accounts; To check that no other woman has replaced her.

Treating oneself from jealousy:
  1. Restraint, which occurs by not showing jealousy in front of people; Where showing jealousy indicates weakness and puts the person in an embarrassing situation.
  2.  Self-confidence, which occurs through training in respect and self-esteem; As the main reason for jealousy is the lack of self-confidence and the vision of the soul that it is less than those around it. Understanding the marital relationship, as it is important for the couple to understand that the marital life does not mean the fusion of each other, as each of them has his own life.
  3.  Occupy free time; This is through enjoying playing sports, listening to music or going for a walk. As the free time may cause the person to imagine many things that are not present, and as and cause problems for himself and others.
  4.  Unconscious mind training; Where it is possible to speak with the soul and convince her that jealousy only causes problems, and that it is a cause of corruption and destruction of life.
  5. psychologist; If the existing state of jealousy is very difficult, a psychiatrist can be used to solve the problem through behavioral or pharmacological sessions.