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What are the health benefits of sports?

Sports is a physical effort by performing specific exercises or practicing one of the favorite types of sports (hobby), and this sport is old long ago, and the Egyptians practiced various sports such as wrestling and dance, and those who left behind and others who left The sports that were practiced, and hence sports have many benefits great and many are indispensable in our daily life, and we will identify these benefits through this article.

Sports benefits for health:
 As sport, as some believe, requires hours to allocate per day, it can even be practiced in daily life through a change in the daily routine and the addition of movement, and these benefits that will give you when exercising and movement, as recent studies have shown that reducing the possibility of developing diabetes with both types the first and the second.

 In addition to that the sport works to reduce the risk of heart disease, arteries and cholesterol, and get rid of the accumulated fat in the body and thus is a way to maintain body weight. It makes the mind better and the memory active, in addition to that it increases confidence in the soul because sport teaches its owner endurance and patience when performing exercises so that the body is more fit and flexible, and therefore he is a psychological teacher who teaches confidence and patience.

In addition to that it helps to get rid of all stresses of life such as tension, nervousness and emptying the extra energy present in the body, it helps to maintain bone health, reduce the possibility of fragility, and maintains the health of the joints., And increases the sexual ability of women and men. Getting rid of depression that may affect a person, and this is proven by recent studies that stated that people who exercise in their lives get rid of all symptoms of mental disorders, including depression., And helps improve the work of the brain by secreting chemicals such as endorphins that make feeling Man is better.

Social benefits of sport:
As sport increases social intelligence, because it helps you form strong friendships and social relationships with many people, such as competitors, colleagues in the same team and coaches. Sports brings great qualities to people, such as patience, endurance, self-confidence, willpower, perseverance, and activity Leadership, values ​​of honest competition, cooperation, planning and altruism.

 Sport teaches people to respect laws, rules and regulations; Because most sports have fixed laws and rules that must be adhered to. It also saves society from very dangerous pests such as cigarette smoking, alcohol and drug addiction, immoral crimes that result from mental illnesses, and the large negative passive space, especially for the unemployed youth.

As sport affects positively the social relationships within the family because most family problems result from the concerns and pressures of life, as well as from leisure time, especially in times of holidays, and therefore the sports activity as it helps to strengthen relationships within the same family, and what is more beautiful to encourage the head of the family Its members to do sports together with each other so that the bonds of love increase among them all, and so as to protect them from the problems of inactivity, persistence and long sitting in front of modern technology, which brings many health tragedies in the short and long term.