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What is the cause of chapped lips, and what is the treatment?

Each lady is keen to make her lips appear beautiful and attractive, so she keeps them from being exposed to droughts and cracks in them, and begins to search for a lot of ways to get rid of this temporary problem by using creams, medicines and natural prescriptions, and in this article we will talk about the causes of lip cracking .

What is the cause of chapped lips?
Do not drink water:
As dry lips are one of the main causes of cracking, and there are many reasons that lead to dryness, including not drinking enough quantities of water, as water is very important for the health of the body and maintaining moisture, and its decrease leads to dryness of the body, as dryness and cracking of the lips, So be sure to drink enough water and apply their own moisturizers during the night to increase their hydration.

Licking and peeling lips:
Where some people suffer from bad behaviors that harm the body, and one of these behaviors is licking the lips with the use of the tongue, where an amount of saliva is placed on it, and with the dryness of the saliva it will lose its moisture, and it will crack, so it must stop licking the lips completely, and also stop trying to remove scales That appear on it, since its peeling will increase the cracking, and instead you should apply topical ointments to increase its hydration.

Take some medications:
 Where there are some treatments that are used to treat dry lips, but they are not appropriate, including treatments that contain eucalyptus and camphor, and menthol, which leads to increased dryness. It is also recommended for people who are allergic to vegetable oils and refreshments, such as: beeswax, and shea butter , Castor seeds, and soybean oil, look for other products that Vaseline is used to manufacture.

Lip chapped treatments:
Exfoliation treatment:
 As peeling treatment is one of the known methods since ancient times that is used to exfoliate the lips, get rid of the accumulated skin, and use the exfoliator once a week using a toothbrush with hot water, then scrub the lips, or massage them with sugar mixed with olive oil in the form of circular motions.

 Moisturizing treatment:
Care must be made to apply lipstick before bed with lip balm, petroleum jelly or coconut oil. Nutrition therapy: Ensure proper nutrition, eat enough vitamins, proteins, minerals and fiber, and take vitamin B, C and D.

Drinking water treatment:
Attention must be paid to moisturizing the body from the inside, as it causes dryness of the lips sometimes, so focus on moisturizing the body from the inside, especially in the winter, and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.