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Causes of seborrheic incontinence and treatment methods

Urinary incontinence is a problem associated with childhood, as a quarter of the children in the world suffer from incontinence or urination during sleep, and this condition is often celebrated with children when their bladder becomes larger and grows better, as well as urinary incontinence may affect adults, research indicates that it occurs For about one or two percent of adults, however, this number may be greater than that, as there are adults who may feel embarrassed to speak with the doctor about this problem, if you were exposed once or two to incontinence and you are an adult there is no cause for concern but Its occurrence repeatedly means that there is a problem and you should speak with the doctor, therefore through this article we will learn about what is enuresis, its causes and methods of natural treatment.

Possible causes of the incontinence problem:
Hormonal problems:
Where the anti-urine hormones send signals to the kidneys in order to stop the production of urine and your body produces a greater amount of that hormone during the night in order to prepare you to sleep and this helps to reduce the times of entering the bathroom during sleep, but in some people it may not produce this The hormone is enough or their bodies may not respond to it well, so the abnormality in the anti-urination hormone plays a role in the incidence of incontinence, although there are various theories that suggest that several causes must be met for this problem to occur. Anti-urination, with difficulty waking up and sleeping, as well as bladder problems during the day leading to incontinence. The anti-urination hormone level can be measured in the blood. If it is too low, the doctor will prescribe the medicine.

Small bladder:
 A small bladder does not mean that the size of the bladder is smaller than the rest of the bladder, but rather that it is dictated at a few levels, which means that it works as if it is small and this means feeling the need to urinate many times, including, as controlling the small bladder may constitute a time barrier Sleep may lead to urinary incontinence, and bladder training may be an effective method for those with a small bladder, as this method helps the body tolerate urine for a longer period.

For very active muscles:
As the detrusor muscles are the muscles of the bladder, which relax when the bladder is full and contract when emptying it. In nervous signs between the brain and the bladder, or as a result of irritation in the bladder due to caffeine or taking some medications.

Where the presence of tumors in the bladder and prostate may impede the urinary system, which leads to the inability to tolerate urine, especially during the night, and the diagnosis of cancer requires physical exams in addition to some cross-section rays, and a biopsy of the tumor must be taken to determine whether it is cancer or No, and cancer treatment may help eliminate or reduce the size of the tumor, which may prevent urinary incontinence.

 Where diabetes and the inability to control blood levels may contribute to changes in urination, when the blood sugar level is high, the amount of urine increases due to the kidneys trying to control sugar levels, and this may lead to an increase in the amount of urine more than three liters in Today it may lead to incontinence. Diabetes therapist often contributes to reducing these symptoms.

Natural incontinence treatment :
Cinnamon powder use:
As it is considered one of the simplest household methods for treating urinary incontinence, it is cinnamon powder, as it is taken once per day, or it can be added to the food.

 Eat the Indian Amal plant:
Where that fruit is used in the treatment of many diseases, including urinary incontinence, where you can grind the pulp of the Amala plant and add it to a tablespoon of honey with a handful of turmeric powder and eat it in the morning every day. You can also eat the Amala plant with black pepper at night.

 olive oil:
It is considered one of the best ways to treat incontinence. It is olive oil. Just heat some of the olive oil and place it on the lower part of the stomach, which is warm. Gently massage the area into it for several minutes a day.

Herbal tea drink:
Where you can make herbal tea from horsetail, oak bark, and berries for treating urinary incontinence. You can mix small amounts of these ingredients and leave them until they boil and leave in the water for several hours, then filter the mixture and eat twice daily.