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How do I stop myself from eating

 Everyone aspires to have a healthy and graceful body, and they follow to achieve this for many different steps and methods, but they fail for various reasons, including their inability to control their appetite; Therefore, nutritionists have developed a set of tips to help control appetite and thus control weight, so that you should:

Organizing meals during the day:
Where it is preferable to organize the schedule of meals during the day, until the feeling of hunger decreases to a later time, and it is necessary to start with breakfast and diversify with proteins, carbohydrates and healthy food items, and then eat lunch and dinner, while making sure to eat snacks during the day, thus reducing Feeling hungry.

Typical mental change:
Where a person must change his own thoughts, and believes that it is not always possible to obtain food at any time, and that he be strong toward his desire to eat, as studies have demonstrated the relationship between mind and food, as the psychological factor with the biological factor affects the individual's special skills In eating or rejecting food.

Eat slowly:
Where you can feel full after eating for a period of twenty minutes, especially in the case of eating slowly, but in the case of eating quickly, as it is difficult for the brain to feel the signals of satiety, which leads to eating more than the necessary amount during the day.

Drinking water:
Where an individual often experiences hunger because of dehydration, drinking water can reduce the feeling of hunger, and drinking a cup or two of water before eating snacks is a factor to contribute to reducing the amount of food, so it is preferable to drink a cup of water, and then Waiting for a few minutes, after which he decides whether he is really hungry or not, and indicates the need to ascertain the reason for his feeling hungry, as it is possible that the reason for his feeling of hunger is due to fatigue, tension, or because of daily habits.

Looking for the real cause of hunger:
 If you do not feel the actual hunger, but you still feel the need for food of all kinds, then this means that you feel hungry for something else such as hugs, a feeling of security, friendship, tenderness, and other reasons, and here you must realize that the hunger that you feel cannot be For food to eliminate it.

Satisfy your true hunger:
This is necessary, if you are looking for food to satisfy your feelings of sadness, emptiness, etc., you will not benefit anything because the food will not make you happier, or more cheerful, although you may feel it in the beginning, but this feeling will not last, so try to understand the real problem If the problem is that you are sad, search for your friend or family member and talk to him about how you feel, or search for an interesting movie to watch and so on.