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Pregnancy with twins naturally

The rate of pregnancy with twins has increased in recent years, and what it was in the past as a result of a number of different factors such as delayed marriage, and an increase in the rate of resorting to different methods of infertility treatment, and cases of twins can be divided into two main parts, namely; Cases of identical twins, and asymmetric twins, and pregnancy is carried out with identical twins by splitting the fertilized egg into two completely identical parts, which leads to the growth of two fetuses carrying the same genes, and the fetuses in this case have the same genetic characteristics, and are of the same sex, as for pregnancy with a non-twin Similar and occurs as a result of the production of two eggs by the woman and are vaccinated separately, and each fetus has different characteristics from the other fetus in this case, and it is worth noting that the possibility of detecting pregnancy by twins by the doctor using the technique of ultrasound imaging during the period between 8-14 A week of pregnancy.

Pregnancy with twins naturally:
There are many factors that may increase the chance of getting pregnant with twins, including:
 Family history:
  The chance of pregnancy with twins increases if there is a previous date of pregnancy with twins in the family, especially if the cases of pregnancy with twins are asymmetric, and the opportunities for pregnancy with twins also increase if the mother has twins.

Where the chance of pregnancy with twins increases when the mother reaches the age of thirty because of the increased production of the hormone stimulator of the vesicle, and in short FSH, which in turn leads to stimulating the production of more eggs in the process of ovulation.

Where many studies have shown that race has an effect on the likelihood of a twin pregnancy, as African-American women as well as whites have a higher chance of pregnant with twins than women of other races.

Female physical structure:
 A number of studies have shown that a woman with a BMI of more than 30 has a higher chance of having twins; As increasing the percentage of body fat stimulates the production of more quantities of the estrogen hormone, which in turn may lead to more stimulation of ovulation, and thus the production of more than one egg, as some other studies have shown that the opportunity to become pregnant with twins increases in women who have a length exceeding the average Natural length.

Whereas although full breastfeeding of the fetus prevents pregnancy from occurring naturally, in some cases pregnancy occurs during this stage, and the chance of conceiving twins during this stage is high.

Dangers of pregnancy with twins:
As it may increase the risk of developing some health complications in case of twin pregnancy, including:
 Where pregnant women with more than one child are considered to be more susceptible to high blood pressure during pregnancy, therefore it is worthwhile to carry out periodic tests with the doctor to early detection of high blood pressure in a pregnant woman.

Exposure to premature birth:
As the risk of premature birth increases as the number of fetuses increases in the womb of a pregnant mother, and based on the statistics conducted it is shown that the rate of premature birth - that is, before the completion of 37 weeks of pregnancy - increases by more than 50% in cases of twin pregnancy, and the doctor may give the mother injection of steroid, In the event of one of the signs indicating the possibility of early childbirth, because these drugs accelerate the growth and development of the lungs in the fetus, and therefore it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible in the event of signs of early childbirth.

 Pregnancy diabetes:
As the risk of developing gestational diabetes increases during a twin pregnancy, this condition is represented by an increase in the blood sugar level of a pregnant woman, which may lead to some health complications for the mother and the fetus, and there are a number of therapeutic methods that can be followed to control this condition.

 Caesarean delivery:
Although it is possible to have a normal birth when pregnant with twins in the event that the first child's head is facing down at birth, the possibility of resorting to caesarean section is generally high when pregnant with twins, and it should be noted that in some cases the first fetus may have given birth naturally, The other fetus is a Caesarean delivery, in the event of some health complications.

 Fetal blood transfusion syndrome:
 Fetal blood transfusion syndrome may occur, and in cases where the two fetuses share one placenta, this syndrome is represented by a disturbance in the transfer of blood from the placenta to the fetus, which leads to one of them obtaining a large amount of blood while the other receives only a small amount. This condition results in some health complications in the heart of the fetus.