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The best ways to moisturize hair

Healthy hair is characterized by strength and softness, except that hair loses these qualities when using chemical treatments, in addition to other external factors, such as exposure to the sun, and then it is possible to notice dryness, wrinkling on it, and there is the importance of moisture that restores health, and shine to hair.

 Hair moisturizing methods:
It is done through drinking eight cups of water daily. For healthy hair; Because water provides energy to the hair cells, and helps the growth of new hair, taking into account that 25% of the hair is water, and that drinking less water causes dehydration, which in turn causes hair to fall out and break down, in addition to caring for the diet and consuming foods rich in vitamins, Especially vitamin B, and proteins; For soft and silky hair.

 Hot massage oils:
As a hot oil massage is one of the effective home ways to moisturize hair. Because it helps revitalize the blood circulation in the hair, improves its health, increases its growth, and is done through three to four tablespoons of olive oil, or coconut oil, and some of the few drops of essential essential oil. A wet towel is hot, and the oils are placed in a zip-lock bag.

Immerse the bag in hot water:
Where the hair is divided, then put the oil on the hair from the roots to the ends, wrap the towel on the head after finishing the oil, and leave the oil on the hair for 30-40 minutes before washing it with shampoo and conditioner , and repeat this method up to three times Maximum weekly, depending on how dry the hair is.

 Coconut Oil:
It helps moisturize coconut oil hair instantly, and it is done through a quantity of liquid coconut oil, and massage coconut oil on the scalp, hair, and hair wash avoiding shampooing hair frequently; Because it strips hair of natural oils, choosing a gentle shampoo that contains aloe vera, or apricot seed oil; Because these ingredients help increase hair moisture, the strength of the gentle shampoo can be strengthened so that the hair does not look dull, especially if the shampoo is so gentle that it does not completely clean the hair, by adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the shampoo when washing the hair; To remove dirt, oils from the hair; This helps to give the hair a shiny look.

Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar:
Where it is considered a conditioner for hair, in addition to that it increases the addiction of its smoothness and shine, removes the accumulated residue on it, and treats some of its problems, such as dull, frizzy hair, or scalp infected with dandruff and itching, and is done through a quantity of apple cider vinegar, and a quantity of Water, equal quantities of apple cider vinegar are mixed, with water, shampooing, pouring a diluted apple cider vinegar mixture with water on the hair, massaging the scalp, and hair while pouring the mixture., And leaving the mixture on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing it with cold water, repeat this Method once a week.

Hair protection methods:
  • Wearing a hat or scarf, and increasing the hydration of the hair before and after exposure to wind, sun, chlorine, dry air, and salt water, as these factors all cause the hair to dry quickly, and spray the hair with sunscreen spray before exposure to its rays; Therefore, the hair must be protected from it.

  •  Stop using chemical hair treatments, or their work, such as hair dye, hair curling, relaxing hair straightening, chemical hair softening, and choosing chemical-free or ammonia-free types when you want to dye hair; Because hair dyes dry hair.

  •  Adopting a moisture routine, as the hair is moisturized every two to three days; To stay hydrated throughout the week in case of noticing dryness or frizz, it can also use conditioner that is left on the hair without washing it, after moistening the hair using a spray bottle, and distributing it over the hair completely, then combing the hair with the brush, and then you can rub olive oil on the hair; To increase moisture, use deep moisturizing once a week, and use oils, such as: olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil to moisturize hair, preferably dividing hair into four or five sections, then rub each section with oil.