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Causes of chapped lips and methods of treatment

The lips are subject to dehydration and cracking significantly because they do not contain the sebaceous glands necessary to moisturize the skin, and the condition can worsen depending on the weather, or if the person does not take good care of his skin, many factors may cause chapped and dry lips, such as weather and excessive licking of lips, and with that It may be a symptom for some, but it may turn into a serious disease, which is cheilitis or inflammation of the lip.

Symptoms of chapped lips:
  1. General drought.
  2. Peels on the lips.
  3. Ulcers on the lip.
  4. swelling.
  5. bleeding.

Reasons for dry lips:
Not drinking enough water:
As dryness of the lips is one of the main causes of cracking, there are many reasons that lead to dryness, including not drinking enough quantities of water, as the water is very important for the health of the body and maintaining moisture, and its decrease leads to dryness of the body, thus drying and cracking the lips, therefore Be sure to drink enough water and apply their own moisturizers at night to increase moisture.

Drought and malnutrition:
As dehydration can cause cracking of the lips, these are some symptoms of dehydration that are dizziness, constipation, urine deficiency, dry mouth, headache, and just as malnutrition may also cause chapped lips, and these are the most important symptoms of muscle weakness, flatulence, bone weakness, dental weakness .

Licking lips:
Where many resort to licking their lips when feeling dry to moisturize them, but the result is that they dry quickly again, so they repeat licking, thinking that this will keep them moist, and in fact the 
moisture evaporates from the lips more when licking them, just as biting the lips has the same effect.
Take some medications:
As taking certain types of medications can cause the lips to become dry and chapped, and these are retinoid medications, which are a type of vitamin that is used to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, and other diseases.

Weather fluctuations:
The lips do not contain sebaceous glands like other parts of the skin in the body, they are more prone to dehydration and chapping, as weather fluctuations and weather factors lead to a lack of moisture in the lips, especially in the winter, in addition to continuous exposure to sunlight during the summer, which is Increases cracking.

Oral breathing:
As the continuous passage of air through the mouth causes the lips to dry out and crack clearly, this is what happens when breathing through the mouth, especially when diseases such as cold or congestion occur; Where breathing through the nose is difficult, especially during sleep.

Natural recipes for lip chapping treatment:
Natural recipes are among the most common recipes for people to treat chapped lips long-term treatment with effective results, including:
 Coconut oil and tea tree oil:
As coconut oil is one of the best natural moisturizers that contain healthy fatty acids to make the lips beautiful and smooth, while tea tree oil helps to speed up the process of cracking and dry lips. And among its components is a quantity of coconut oil, and a drop to two drops of tea tree oil, and the preparation is made by mixing the components with each other, and placed on the lips and left, and can be placed at night until early morning., And repeated two or three times. During the day.

Honey and Vaseline recipe:
Honey contains anti-bacterial properties, and it is considered one of the best natural components for treatment and recovery, and a natural and effective moisturizer, while Vaseline is used in a wide and multiple fields, as it helps to smooth and nourish the skin, and when combining the two components treat chapped lips effectively, and is completed through pure honey , Vaseline, and a piece of wet cloth, where a layer of honey is placed on the lips, then a layer of petroleum jelly is placed on top of it, and it is left for ten minutes to fifteen minutes, and it is cleaned from the lips using the cloth and wiped, and repeated once a day for a week to get Effective results.

 Rose and milk petals:
Where rose petals contain properties that help nourish the skin through it contains vitamin E, and rose petals maintain the natural color of the lips, while milk contains minerals, vitamins and fats that moisturize and nourish the lips, and also contains lactic acid that helps to get rid of the skin Dead lips.