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The best way to strengthen bones

Bones of all shapes and sizes are the main support for the human structure, and they play an important role in movement and other vital processes necessary for the human body. Where there is a constant movement of building and demolishing through specialized cells, and the building process takes the largest share during the early stages of life, whether childhood or adolescence, and we can notice an increase in the volume of bone tissue, but with age, the building process decreases compared to the demolition. Pay more attention to feeding to keep strong and strong bones.

Bones components:
 Bones are composed mainly of minerals and collagen, and small amounts of inorganic salts.
The mineral calcium is the main component of bones that give them the characteristic of rigidity, and it is in a state of permanent proportion with phosphorus, where the ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus is (five: three), and the degree of bone strength is determined by the entire bone tissue in the human body, "bone mass", in addition to The amount of minerals stored within the bone tissue, "bone density".

Bones mainly contain collagen type 1, which is a protein fiber made up of 3 polypeptide chains that are wrapped together to give a spiral shape that provides specific points where the minerals that make up the bones are concentrated in.

Means and methods of strengthening bones:
 Get enough calcium:
There are many sources rich in calcium, the most prominent of which are; Dairy products, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, almonds, and fish such as salmon and tuna, as the body’s need for calcium varies with age, gender and other factors, and it is now known that children need calcium to build strong, strong and dense bones, but even adults need to maintain Their bone strength, which was previously built through a balanced diet rich in calcium, adults need 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day, while postmenopausal women and men after the age of seventy need 1,200 milligrams per day.

Pay attention to vitamin D levels in the body:
Where vitamin D plays an important role in increasing the absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract, and stabilizing calcium in the bones, and the main source of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight, which the body manufactures in the skin, as it is possible for those with light skin to be satisfied with a period of five to ten minutes a day in The summer period, but they may need an additional time that starts with seven minutes, and it may reach thirty minutes in the winter, and there are few types of foods containing vitamin D such as salmon, tuna, and egg yolks, and because of the difficulty of exposure to the sun sometimes, and the lack of vitamin D in food This led to the spread of deficiency, especially among the elderly, and the adoption of nutritional supplements as an alternative to obtaining the body's daily need of it, which ranges from 600 to 800 international units per day for adults.

Doing sports: People used to practice sports to strengthen their muscles, but it became clear that weight-bearing exercises, whether body weight or external weight, also help to strengthen the bones; As when practicing sports, the muscles pull the bones to move them, and thus the pressure increases on them, and this in turn stimulates the bones to be stronger and denser to endure such types of sports. Examples of good orthopedic exercise include: Jumping, jogging, climbing stairs, cardio, and jumping.

Eating foods containing vitamin C:
 Vitamin C has an effective role in the formation of collagen, which forms thirty percent of the bones, and vitamin C helps to absorb calcium, and stay away from smoking: because smoking makes people thinner, and it has been found that estrogen levels in women who smoke are lower compared to non-smoking women, and this In turn, it reduces the strength of the bones.

Foods that strengthen bones:
There is a group of foods that support and strengthen bones, the most important of which are the following:
 Milk and dairy products:
Where milk and its various derivatives from Wajan dairy occupies the first place in the nutrients that contain a large amount of calcium, in addition to that they contain a wide range of other elements such as vitamins; As a result of all this, it is considered the first supporter of the body’s bones, growth and strengthening, including the spine.

Orange juice:
 The benefits of orange, its fruit and juice, are not only limited to the benefits related to vitamins, specifically vitamin C. Because it also contains a high percentage of calcium, in addition to helping the bones of the body to absorb a high percentage of calcium quickly and easily, which leads to strengthening and supporting the various bones and muscles.

 It contains a large amount of calcium in addition to a group of amino acids, specifically omega-3, and fish is also considered one of the important nutrients for bone health, including salmon, which supports bones and muscles in addition to protecting the heart and arteries from various diseases.

 So that a group of legumes contains the most important elements necessary for bone health, specifically magnesium, and it is preferable to give it to children in the early stages of their development, and the most important of these legumes are lentils and chickpeas, in addition to Brazil nuts and almonds.