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Best advice for cesarean delivery

Cesarean delivery is the major surgery, and although it may be a life-saving for both the mother and
her child, it may also be associated with some side effects that may take a long time to recover from, as doctors believe that a complete recovery from a cesarean delivery takes 4 - 6 weeks, but many research indicates that the total recovery time is longer than this period, and here it should be noted that the length of the recovery period may vary from one woman to another, but the mother can recover faster through her focus on caring for herself and her child, and giving her body The rest he needs to recover and get the necessary medical care.

Tips before discharge from hospital:
 The mother and her baby are likely to spend about 2-4 days in the hospital after a cesarean delivery, and during this period the following are recommended:

Take pain relievers:
After the effect of the anesthesia wears off, the health care provider may recommend that the mother be given a sedative, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, through an intravenous injection to relieve wound pain, and it is worth noting that most pain-relieving medications are safe during breastfeeding, and it should be noted that the doctor may also prescribe some intravenous antibiotics. While the mother is in the hospital, followed by a prescription for oral antibiotics that she continues to take at home after leaving the hospital.

 Getting out of bed movement as soon as possible:
The sooner the mother gets up and moves, the better for her blood circulation, and usually the medical care provider is advised to move within 12 hours of undergoing cesarean section, and although it is tiring and tiring for the mother undergoing surgery, it is very important for her health, and movement after a cesarean delivery helps In getting rid of the attacks and the pain resulting from them, facilitating bowel movement and excretion, and preventing blood clots, and in the event that she is unable to walk alone, she can seek the help of the nurse to help her do so, however, every time the mother moves, the movement becomes easier for her and it should be noted here that the need for Move slowly and carefully to avoid dizziness or shortness of breath.

Eat and drink as soon as you feel hungry or thirsty:
 However, in some cases, the mother may have to wait a few hours before the doctor allows her to eat anything, direct contact of the mother with the child over the course of her stay in the hospital and try to start breastfeeding.

 Keep the urinary catheter inside the bladder for about 24 hours:
It felt that after leaving the operation, and the urinary catheter is known as a tube that is installed during the operation to empty the bladder of urine as much as possible, and because it may be difficult for the mother to go to the bathroom immediately after the operation, or she may not feel that she needs to go to the bathroom due to the effect of anesthesia, it should be left Catheterization for approximately 24 hours after surgery, and covering the wound with a bandage for at least 24 hours.

Tips after hospital discharge:
Whereas, after the mother and her child leave the hospital and settle at home, she must make sure to take a plentiful rest, and seek the help of others if possible to help her take care of the child. Likewise, a woman is not advised to drive a car until after she has fully recovered and the operation wound has healed. To be followed after discharge from the hospital are:

 Avoid lifting or bending over and carrying heavy objects:
It is appropriate for the mother to be careful not to lift or carry anything that exceeds the size of her infant, and the mother also needs help in household work that requires stretching upwards, such as spreading laundry, lifting, or bending as is the case while using a vacuum cleaner, because These activities put a lot of effort on the cesarean section wound, and as we mentioned at the beginning, you should not lift any weight heavier than the child or anything that causes pain, such as lifting an entire basket of wet laundry for at least 6 weeks after birth, and it is worth noting if the child is accustomed On the pregnancy and the lifting, it can be used other ways to make it close, for example, the mother can sit on the sofa and put her baby next to her.

Exercising: as there are some light exercises that the mother can practice during the recovery period, but the woman is advised to avoid returning to more intense exercise that she previously practiced until 6-8 weeks after undergoing a cesarean delivery, including lifting exercises and intense aerobic exercises The same applies to strenuous housework and activities, as it is also advised not to do any of them during the two weeks following the operation, as an alternative to that, you can practice walking to maintain body fitness, reduce the risk of blood clots, and other heart or blood vessel problems.

Proper nutrition:
After undergoing a cesarean delivery, a woman needs to increase her fluid intake to maintain body moisture and in order to generate milk if she is breastfeeding to nourish her child, and she also needs to eat healthy foods to be able to regain her energy and health, and among the foods that she should eat: foods rich in fiber, Such as grains, fruits, and vegetables, which can prevent constipation.

Rest and sleep well:
It is very important for the mother to get enough rest and sleep, and she must make sure to utilize the period during which the child is asleep to sleep at the same time or at least take a rest.