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Learn the benefits of water for children

 Water is the basic and necessary element for life and that everyone needs, including children as well, as children need to drink a lot of water, which helps them carry out their daily activities and maintain their health, and reports indicate that a person can survive for a period of up to To three weeks without eating, while the matter is completely different with regard to water, as a person cannot resist for more than a few days without drinking water, which is necessary for life, and the child loses water every day through sweating and urine, and for this they need compensation They lose it from the water.

Benefits of water for children:
Water is extremely beneficial for adults and children alike, and here are the importance and benefits of water for children:
Water eliminates dehydration:
Water helps prevent dehydration, as dehydration is a condition that affects the body when the amount of water in it is not sufficient to work properly, and 75% of people around the world suffer from chronic dehydration (including children), if your child suffers from Dehydration will cause it, slowing the metabolism by up to 3%, making your child feel tired or angry, and causing your child a headache.

  Drinking water improves your child's short memory:
As a slight decrease in water in the body can negatively affect the short memory, and the lack of water in the child's body can also cause problems in understanding simple and basic mathematics, and they may have difficulty concentrating either in reading or in learning, so Before eating breakfast, make sure to give your child a large glass of water, and send them their own bottle of water to drink during the school day.
 Water helps a child with asthma and allergies:
One of the reasons why your child has asthma or allergies during physical development is that they do not have enough water for the body’s systems to function properly, and some research indicates that asthma can be a result of chronic dehydration, and by increasing water and adding a little salt, an asthma cough disappears If your child suffers from asthma or allergies, you can increase the amount of water he gets, and the child with allergies should drink a glass of water before eating, and children with asthma need to drink more water as well.

  Drinking water reduces the feeling of hunger:
Every mother should exploit the benefits of water for children in maintaining the weight of her son, as a study conducted at the University of Washington indicates that people who follow a diet to lose weight and who drink one cup of water before bed will not feel hungry late at night. Almost 100%, because drinking water helps to overcome the feeling of hunger, so if your child wakes up at night and complains of hunger or thirst, give him a glass of water 30 - 60 minutes before going to sleep.