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The best way to treat sunburn

A sun burn is a reaction that appears on the skin after being exposed to ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight or from sources of ultraviolet light, as is the case when tanning (or changing the color of the skin to a darker degree) in salons, and the fact may not show signs indicating The occurrence of a burn from this ultraviolet rays during the first few hours, but it quickly becomes its worst during the first 24-36 hours of exposure to the radiation, and it usually disappears or improves significantly within three to five days, or maybe a week, as the burns crust over During this time, then it goes away, however these rays may cause redness and warmth in the affected areas, and perhaps a feeling of pain as well, and these symptoms may last for about a week.

Tips for controlling sunburn:
 Getting rid of sunburn and its effects requires patience so that the burns take the time necessary to heal, and therefore it can be said that there is no cure for sunburn, but the options available help in controlling the symptoms until the body takes the necessary time to heal and recover from these burns, and from advice and recommendations The following must be followed to control sunburn:

  •  Avoid exposure to sunlight until the burns have healed and are completely eliminated.
  •  Applying moisturizers to the burning sites if the burns do not cause pain, and although these moisturizers do not stop the peeling of the skin, but at least they provide moisture to the lower layers of the skin, and in talking about moisturizers we note that butter should not be used on burn sites.
  •  Avoid using soap of all kinds on burn sites, as its use irritates the skin.
  •  Bathing with lukewarm water frequently, as it helps to relieve pain if the sufferer feels it, and it is worth noting the importance of patting the skin after completing the bath, so that the skin is dried while leaving a little water on it, then it is recommended to apply a suitable moisturizer to maintain the moisture of the skin, This helps control dry skin.
  • It is advised to drink more water, because sunburn pulls water and fluids in general to the surface of the skin, which reduces the amount of water that reaches the rest of the body, and therefore, drinking more water helps protect from exposure to dehydration.
  • Giving a chance to pimples if they are to heal, and not touching these pimples or tampering with them, and the formation of these pimples helps to heal the skin and protects it from infection, and it is worth knowing that in the event that pimples or what are like bubbles appear on the skin, this means that the person suffers from sunburn from second grade.
  • You must wear clothes that cover the whole body in the event of the need to go outside the house (i.e., in the event of exposure to the sun), and it is appropriate that these clothes be tight-fitting that does not allow sunlight to pass through.
  •  Avoid putting ice or ice cubes on the burned skin.
  •  Do not scratch or scratch the burned skin, and do not attempt to peel it in any way.
  • Avoid using products that contain benzocaine or lidocaine, as these treatments may cause allergic reactions in some people, and the burn may worsen.

Home remedies for sunburn:
Soaking cold water with baking soda:
This is done by making a cold water bath in the bathtub with the addition of a little baking soda, and left for a period ranging between 15-20 minutes, and a cup of oatmeal can be added to help restore the natural hydration of the body, and a bath of cold water can be done in the bathtub with Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to neutralize the pH and speed up healing, and chamomile oil or lavender oil can also be added to reduce pain.

Avoid creams ending with cayenne:
Where it is advised to avoid medicinal products ending with the word cayenne. Such creams contain the combination of benzocaine, and it is likely to cause irritation and irritation of the skin, and it can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the cells through the blood.

Putting on milk or yogurt:
Applying cold milk to the affected area after dipping it with a cloth helps relieve the discomfort and discomfort caused by sunburn, by creating a protein layer on the skin, and applying milk helps to calm and soothe the affected area.

Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is known to be an antioxidant, and it also reduces inflammation caused by sunburn when taken orally, in addition to being able to apply it directly to peeling skin.

Aloe Vera:
Where you can use the gelatinous sap resulting from cutting a portion of a fresh plant by placing it directly on the sunburned area; As it relieves and soothes the feeling of stinging and the existing pain, and you can use the gel consisting of 100% aloe vera and available in pharmacies.