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The pros and cons of electronic games

 Electronic games appeared at the beginning of the eighties with the scientific and technological development and the multiple uses of the computer, and it was a qualitative and distinguished move, and it became the subject of great research and controversy regarding its importance, educational role and its impact on adults and children, and its benefits in developing skills, especially the skill of thinking and planning, and thus these games became the focus of attention Everyone, and electronic games are considered the advanced stage of video games; It went through many stages until it reached its present form.

The effect of electronic games on children:
Whereas, the great and increasing interest in electronic games and their great association with children prompted psychologists and education scientists to study these games and their impact on their users from various aspects; Health, emotional, cultural, and behavioral, as it is considered a double-edged sword.

Benefits of electronic games:

  • The benefits and advantages of electronic games appear in many aspects of an individual's life; It is in addition to the education that the child acquires from it through increasing concepts, information and developing skills, it develops intelligence and speed of thinking for him. As it contains a lot of games on puzzles, and needs mental skills to solve them, as well as increase his ability to plan and initiate, and fill the child's imagination in an unparalleled way, increase his activity and vitality, and he becomes highly aware of modern technology, and is fluent in dealing with it, using it and devoting it to his benefit.

  • It helps to encourage the child to create creative solutions to adapt and adapt to the conditions of the game, and its impact extends to practical reality. Where he can apply some of the skills he acquired through playing on the ground in his real practical life.

Damage to electronic games:
 health damages:
Spending long times playing on the computer may cause health damage to the body, as sitting for a continuous period in the same position and repeatedly pressing the same buttons leads to fatigue of the hands and eyes, a feeling of physical fatigue, and difficulty sleeping, which negatively affects An individual's activity and performance at school or work.

 A waste of time and energy:
As players spend a lot of time while playing, as many computer games require a large commitment of time to complete, which leads players to abandon basic activities in their lives. In order to complete their favorite games and win in their different stages, there are games that need regular participation from the player to avoid losing them, which may cause addiction to some players, and waste large time that could be spent practicing a useful hobby.

Aggressive behavior:
Where some people are affected by the violent content that some electronic games contain, which may negatively affect the players, and their behavior tends to be aggressive and violent in reality, or some may become frustrated and upset as a result of the violent and aggressive behaviors they see frequently on the screen.