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Ways to banish fear from my child

 The child is exposed to many natural fears, and the nature of these fears often varies according to the child's age, and the fear begins to appear in the child from the beginning of his life, as many children fear entering dark rooms and places, and the child often insists on turning on the lighting, and many Of the children are afraid of the sound of thunder, or strange sounds in general, and these fears and others are absent when the child grows up, and parents can help their children to overcome these fears and get rid of them, and the matter requires wisdom, patience, and understanding on the part of parents, and at the same time, on the parents Understand some of the real risks for their children.

Children's fear of different age:
As children have many natural fears, and these fears differ according to the child's age, and in proportion to the extent of his awareness of things, and the following are the most important concerns that appear on children of different age groups:

Fears that afflict a child aged two years and under:
At this age, many children are afraid of hearing loud noises and strange sounds for the child, as well as fear of separation from parents, fear of strangers, and seeing large bodies and creatures.

 Fears that afflict the pre-school child (between the ages of three to six years):
Where the child is exposed at this stage to fear of seeing imaginary things, such as monsters, and ghosts that he sees on television, supernatural beings, and masks, as well as fear of the darkness and sleeping alone, and if he hears a strange sound, especially during the night, like the sound of thunder, he may feel fear.

Fears that affect children of school age (between seven and sixteen years old):
Whereas, at this age, the child's fear of real things, such as his fear of being injured or injured, as well as fear of the doctor, an angry teacher, fear of school achievement, death, natural accidents, such as earthquakes and floods, and others.

How do I take fear away from my child:
Create a quiet sleep routine:
As many children can be exposed to fear of the dark, especially at bedtime, and this fear is often caused by fear of the unknown, and for this, the mother can remove fear from her child by creating a comfortable and calm routine when sleeping; For example, she can read a story to him before bed, or give him a warm bath, or cuddle him before bed for several minutes, as these things help to calm the child and increase his sense of safety.

 Enhance the child's self-confidence:
Where the child’s feeling of fear can be reduced by increasing his self-confidence and enhancing his ability to adapt, and this can be achieved by doing activities during the day that help build the child's self-confidence, and among these activities, talking with the child about his fears and experiences while sleeping in bed in Night, and discuss solutions by which he can get rid of these fears, or adapt to them, and thus gradually get rid of the things that cause him fear of the dark.

Understanding and accommodating a child's fears:
Where fear can be removed from the child through a true understanding of the child's fears by the parents, and this can be done by talking to the parents about his fears with the child, sympathizing with these fears, not mocking them, and supporting the child in order to overcome them, and it is preferable not to mock them. Fears especially in front of others, and stop trying to force children to be brave; Because fighting fear requires a long time, and for this it is preferable to guide the child and encourage him to confront it gradually.

 Teaching the child to relax:
Where a fearful and crying child can be calm down by teaching him to do breathing exercises One of the studies aimed at reducing anxiety in children, which was performed by teaching children to slowly and deeply inhale air, and then extract this air into an air blower, indicated that breathing exercises help reduce anxiety and fear in 40% of children.

A child's fear of needles, for example indicated by Uman's research, can be reduced by distracting him from something else The child's attention may be distracting depending on his age; For example, infants can be distracted by singing, stories, or playing, while older children can be distracted by watching videos, listening to music, or stories, as the mobile phone can be used by parents to watch pictures or movies. To help the child overcome his painful moments.

openness :
Where fear can be removed from the child by answering all the questions that bother him, such as wars, diseases, hospitals, or death, and others. Knowing the child about such things helps to overcome this fear; For example, when a child is afraid of wars, and he knows well that they happened in a far place, and that he will not be hurt because of them, he will be less afraid of them.