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Ways to protect my children's skin

As it is known that children's skin is soft, delicate, and fresh in appearance. But there are some reasons that expose the child's skin to irritation and sensitivity, such as playing with pets, or using some children's play tools, and there are products used at home that also cause sensitivity to the skin Children, such as using air fresheners that contain a nice smell, some types of soaps, deodorants, washing materials, and carpet deodorants, so children's skin needs to be preserved and protected by following some of the methods that we will talk about in this article.

Ways to preserve children's skin:

The skin of children needs attention and care in a correct way, from their birth and from the first day, to make the skin beautiful and healthy throughout life, and there are some steps that must be followed to obtain a bright and luminous complexion for the child, including:

 Massage the skin with hot oil:

Where massaging the baby's skin with natural and warm oils, such as moist olive oil, moisturizes the child's skin, and helps to increase its strength and health with strong effectiveness, by heating the oil a little to become lukewarm, and rubbing it gently on the skin.

 Apply some simple home recipes:

Where the use of natural recipes for the skin of infants helps to promote the health of their skin, the health of the body, and protect it and prevent the spread of infections, such as sandalwood and turmeric, and these ingredients also help to get rid of impurities, and get a glowing and bright skin.

 Use water at the right temperature for bathing:

The water temperature is of great importance to the health of the skin, so you should avoid bathing in hot or cold water, and replace it with warm water suitable for the child to bathe, to protect the skin from drying out and maintain the hydration, glow, and health of the baby's skin.

Avoid bathing with soap:

Whereas, not to use harsh, harmful soaps available in the market on facial skin, because it contains chemicals and can cause damage and dryness to the skin of the child's skin, and natural cleansers can be used that strengthen the health of the skin and protect it from damage.

Eat fruits:

Fruits contain many fibers and nutrients that are beneficial for the skin, which provide it with proper food, by eating fresh fruits, which help improve the health and quality of the child's skin.

 Apply a light moisturizer to the skin:

Where applying moisturizer to the child's skin helps to make the skin moist and soft and prevent it from drying, by applying it to the skin every four hours, to get glowing and smooth skin.

Exposure of the child's skin to beneficial sunlight:

As sunlight is important to obtain beneficial and effective vitamin D for the skin and body, vitamin D strengthens the immune system by protecting the body from disease, and for this reason, the child's skin should be exposed to sunlight in the early morning to enhance and strengthen the health of the skin.

 Natural body peeling application:

Where a body scrub with natural ingredients can be used once a week, exfoliation helps to improve blood circulation, and get smooth, healthy, bright, clean skin, free of dirt and dead cells.

 Use smooth wipes to get rid of dirt:

Where children's skin is exposed to impurities by, children play with various things, and dirt and germs can be eliminated through the use of soft tissues, to keep the child's skin clean and healthy, free of impurities.