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How to hide vitiligo from my body

Vitiligo is known as a skin disease that occurs as a result of the death or disturbance of the work of the pigment-producing cells responsible for the color of the skin and hair, known as pigmentation, which leads to the appearance of patches of skin that are not colored by its natural color.

Hide the color of the skin affected by vitiligo:

Where you can try a number of methods that help to hide the color of the skin affected by vitiligo, among these methods the following:


 Where there are special preparations that work to hide vitiligo and reduce the difference between the color of the spots of vitiligo and the color of the original skin, and these preparations are known as camouflage preparations, which are creams that have colors applied to the skin affected by the disease to unify its color with the rest of the healthy skin, and several varieties can be tried to determine the most appropriate choice for skin color, So that the color of the product is close to the original skin color, and most of these preparations are water-resistant, and it was found that with the continued use of these preparations, the patient gets an appearance close to the natural view of the skin, and the preparations can be applied all over the body, where they remain on the body for up to four days, And on the face for a period ranging between 12-18 hours.

 Self-tanners and dyes:

If the patient wants to use a product that lasts longer than cosmetics, it is recommended to use self-tanning products or dyes, as it is advised to choose self-tanning products that contain a dihydroxyacetone formula, which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, noting that tanning products It is not washed off with water, and its effect gradually disappears within several days, and it is worth noting that dyes are the best products in hiding white spots.

 Protect the skin from exposure to sunlight:

Where the exposure of the skin affected by vitiligo to sunlight leads to easy occurrence of sunburn and increase the spots of vitiligo worse, so it is advised that the patient of vitiligo take the necessary measures to protect from direct exposure to sunlight. The areas that are not affected by vitiligo, and it is necessary to repeat the depigmentation procedure again to obtain a natural appearance of the skin, and it is also important to protect the skin from exposure to the sun, especially for people with white skin, in which the vitiligo spots do not appear clearly, and from the advice that is provided to the vitiligo patient with the aim of Protect the skin from sun damage:

 Use of sunscreens:

As sunscreens help protect the skin from the sun's rays, and you should pay attention to the following things regarding sunscreen: Apply sunscreen every day to the skin that is not covered by clothes, and reapply it every two hours, especially when spending times outside the home, and it is also recommended to renew it when sweating and after spending Time in the water.

Avoid the bright sunlight:

 Meaning hiding in the shade as much as possible, at a time when the person’s shadow is shorter than his length, as the sun’s rays at this time of day are harmful to the skin to a large degree and cause sunburn.

 Wearing appropriate clothing:

Whereas, clothing has a role in protecting from the sun's rays, and it is worth noting that each type of clothing has a specific value for the sun protection factor, and the color also plays a role in determining the value of this factor, as the sun protection factor for the green shirt is short-sleeve 10, while the amount The sun protection factor for the white short-sleeve shirt is 7, and the amount of sun protection factor for the long-sleeved jeans shirt is 1700, and it is indicated that some products that can increase the sun protection factor of the clothes are available, as they can be added to the clothes while they are washed in the washing machine, and the sun protection factor for the clothes remains high for about Twenty times of washing it.

 Avoid exposure to artificial sunbathing:

 Where it is advised to stay away from sunlamps and tanning beds, which aim to change the color of the skin to darken, because it causes special burns to the skin affected by Vitiligo.