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The effect of alcohol on the human body

Addiction to alcohol or alcoholic beverages is classified as one of the most prominent social scourges that afflict many societies around the world, as these drinks contain a high percentage of fermented substances that cause drunkenness or intoxication, which negatively affects the health of minds and the strength of the body Alcohol is divided into two main types, which are fermented alcohol such as beer, and distilled alcohol such as whiskey, and there are many sources of alcohol between alcohol manufactured from grains such as barley or corn and others, or from fruits such as grapes, dates and apples, noting that ethanol, which is chemically abbreviated C_2H_5OH, is the main compound of alcohol It is a volatile liquid with a pungent taste that helps alter people's moods.

The effect of alcohol on humans:

 Or drinking alcohol exposes the body to many negative effects that are harmful to it, because of the ability of alcoholic substances to weaken a large number of muscles and organs of the body, leaving them unable to carry out their functions properly and their activity decreases greatly, in addition to the infection of the body with a number of diseases as a result of the accumulation of large quantities of Alcohol is in severe addictions, and here are some of the most common negative effects of alcohol.

 The effect of alcohol on the heart and arteries:

Males drank more than four cups of alcohol, and women drank more than two cups of alcohol per day, mainly causing significant blood clotting, leading to repeated heart attacks and a clear decrease in the work of the heart muscle and the elasticity of the arteries carrying blood, as the study found Females who are addicted to alcohol are more likely to develop peripheral arterial disorder in relation to addicted males, in addition to both sexes being subjected to "alcoholic cardiomyopathy", which is similar in symptoms to a large extent to "dilated heart muscle", which can develop with continued drinking Alcohol to cause the heart muscle to become enlarged or congested.

 The effect of alcohol on the blood:

 Drinking alcohol in large quantities daily leads to severe anemia, which may occur as a result of poisoning the blood platelets directly from alcohol, or as a result of the increased activity of the spleen. Even reaching extreme thinness.

 The effect of alcohol on the liver:

Addiction to alcohol may cause great stress on the liver and cause many diseases, including alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis, and cirrhosis, which results in many serious complications for the body, including the accumulation of toxins and liver cancer.

The effect of alcohol on hair and skin:

The addiction to a squint causes the symptoms of aging more quickly, which causes hair to weaken, fall out and lose color, in addition to dry skin, losing its elasticity and cracking.

 The effect of alcohol on the brain and nerves:

 Where addiction to alcohol and drinking large quantities on a daily basis leads to exposure to high blood pressure, and increases the risk of stroke, which surprise the body without any previous stimuli or evidence of this, in addition to impeding the work and activity of the nerves responsible for receiving the information coming to the brain, which results Significant impairment in the ability to comprehend, remember and memorize.