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The effects of the hormone estrogen on the body

Estrogen hormone, which is a group of hormones that have an important role in a woman's normal sexual and reproductive development. The ovaries in a woman's body produce most of the hormone estrogen, and the adrenal glands and fat cells also produce small amounts of these hormones. In addition to regulating the menstrual cycle, estrogen affects the reproductive system, urinary tract, heart, blood vessels, bones, breasts, skin, hair, mucous membranes, pelvic muscles, and brain, and some secondary female characteristics such as the appearance of armpit hair and Pubic hair is when levels of the hormone estrogen rise in a woman's body.

The effect of estrogen on hormones:

Where estrogen increased levels of certain hormones such as cortisol and globulin, which is associated with sexual status. It also increases melanin and pheomelanin hormones and reduces eumelanin levels.

Estrogen hormone and mental health:

The estrogen hormone has an important role in maintaining the psychological state of women, and the sudden decrease in the levels of the hormone estrogen in the blood and the periods of decline that occur frequently for females is associated with a significant decrease in mood and mental state disorder, and after childbirth, low estrogen levels can lead to Menopause refers to depression in what is known medically as postpartum depression.

Estrogen and stopping the menstrual cycle:

With the end of the period of pregnancy and childbirth and the entry into what is known as menopause and menopause, the body's production of the hormone estrogen becomes much less, and in fact the levels of the hormone estrogen and progesterone begin to decline in the late thirties, when most women enter the age Menopause in the early fifties, 12 months after menstruation.

Estrogen and skin hormone:

Of the importance of the hormone estrogen for women is its benefit to the skin, as many studies conducted on the estrogen hormone indicate that it plays an important role in maintaining the health of the skin, as it improves collagen content and quality as well, increases the thickness of the skin and improves blood flow to the skin. Estrogen works via estrogen receptors on human skin.

Estrogen and heart disease:

Health experts confirm that low levels of estrogen in a woman's body increases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. And the lack of estrogen in the blood helps to harden the arteries and increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, and heart and stroke.

The effect of the estrogen hormone on some different biological processes in the body:

The estrogen hormone helps reduce osteoporosis and helps increase bone formation, as it works with vitamin D, calcium and other hormones to form and strengthen bones, and this explains the osteoporosis that affects most women after stopping menstruation and the lack of estrogen levels also helps It also increases protein synthesis and increases the liver's production of multiple proteins and various clotting proteins, as estrogen increases the sticking process of platelets in the blood, and estrogen increases levels of good cholesterol in the blood (HDL) and triglyceride levels, and reduces cholesterol levels. The bad (LDH) and promotes the breakdown of fats, and as for its effect on salts, estrogen causes sodium and water retention in the body, and reduces bowel movement.