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What are the causes of suffering from a rash

The skin is the first line of defense for the human body, as it acts as a barrier against the external environment, and a rash is a disorder that occurs to a specific area in the skin as a result of changes that occur to it that cause it to be irritated or swollen, and the rash includes the appearance of sores, boils, or scales, or It may be redness, itching, or burning only, and it also includes changing the color of the skin, or the appearance of cracks in it. The rash may arise as a result of many diseases, and the diagnosis of the underlying cause of the appearance of the rash depends on several factors. Such as the appearance of the rash, its location, and its color, as well as taking complete information about the patient, including his work, the symptoms he feels, as well as his family history of such a rash, and the matters to which the patient has been exposed recently, and there are types of rashes that appear within a short period after exposure to the cause. Some of them take a long time to treat.

Causes of a rash:

 The rash arises from many reasons, it may result from suffering from allergies, or as a result of taking many medicines, or from the use of cosmetic materials, or it may be a symptom associated with many diseases, the most important and most common of these reasons are the following:

 Contact dermatitis:

It is considered one of the most common causes of the appearance of the rash, and it results from skin contact with a specific substance that causes either redness, irritation, or itching of the skin, or all together, and these substances include cosmetic powders, soaps, detergents of all kinds, or clothing dyes, It may also arise when exposed to other chemicals such as rubber or plastic, and contact with some types of poisonous plants may also cause this type of dermatitis, and the appearance of the rash in this case may be delayed up to two days after exposure to the irritant.


It is a common autoimmune condition that arises from wrong signals sent by the skin to form new cells, and these cells accumulate on the skin, and therefore the rash appears in the form of red, itchy scales sometimes, and it may develop when cells multiply in the affected area and the rash becomes white slashing To gray, and the rash often forms on the elbows or knees, and may also appear in other areas such as the scalp, the soles of the hands or feet, or on the genital areas, and unlike eczema, the psoriasis rash is prominent on the outer sides of the joints.

Atopic dermatitis:

 It is a chronic condition that results in dry skin, irritation, and itching in it, as well as redness of the affected area, and the skin in it may be of a scaly nature and needs daily care. It affects most of the time patients with asthma or allergies, and there are usually other injuries of this type in Single family.

For seborrheic dermatitis:

This type of inflammation spreads to areas rich in sebaceous glands in the skin, such as the scalp and face, and may also affect other areas such as the ears, mouth, nose, or trunk. It usually causes a so-called dandruff, and it may result in redness and itching in the affected area. Seborrheic dermatitis has been affected by many factors such as disease, stress, general fatigue, or climate change.

 Lupus erythematosus:

 It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the cells of the body itself. In addition to many other symptoms, it may cause a rash on the cheeks and nose.


It is a very contagious disease caused by infection with the varicella-zoster virus, and is characterized by the appearance of red, itchy blisters initially on the face and trunk and then spreading to the entire body.

Infection with scarlet fever:

It is an infection caused by group A streptococcus bacteria, as these bacteria secrete toxins that cause skin irritation, and a rash appears with a bright red color similar to glass paper.

 Hand, mouth and foot disease:
 It is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus from the family of internal viruses, the most common of which is the Coxsackie virus, and is characterized by the appearance of sores or blisters in the mouth, in addition to a rash on the hands and feet.