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The best benefits of apples to the body

 Apples are one of the most abundant types of fruits around the world, and the cultivation of apple trees, scientifically known as Malus domestica, originates from the regions of Central Asia, and apples have many types, and each type differs in terms of taste, degree of sweetness and acidity, and also differs in terms of skin color, and its uses ; For example, the Granny Smiths green apple is better than others for cooking, mostly because it is one of the general benefits of apples.

apples benefits :

Improvement of some symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease:

 It has been shown that consuming apple juice at a rate of 2 to 4 cups per day for a month may contribute to relieving some of the symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease. Such as improving mood, according to what was shown by a study published in the American journal,  Journal of Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias 2010, "which was conducted on 21 patients whose condition ranges from moderate to severe. It should be noted that consuming apple juice was not associated with improving memory or mental functions in these patients."

Soften gallstones and facilitate their exit from the body:

 As some preliminary studies indicated that drinking apple juice for a period of 7 days, and adding olive oil on the seventh day before bedtime may contribute to softening gallstones and help their exit from the body through a bowel movement.

Reducing the risk of developing cancer:

Where it has been shown that eating apples helps reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and gastrointestinal cancers in general, according to a review of a number of studies published in the journal "Public Health Nutrition in 2016" and it should be noted that there is still a need For more studies to prove this benefit; This is because these results only appeared in initial and small studies.

Increase muscle strength:

 Some studies have shown that consuming a mixture of apple extract in addition to some other substances may contribute to increasing strength and energy in men who practice muscle strength exercises.

 Lose weight:

Where apples are filling and nutritious fruits, which can be eaten as a snack to help reduce cravings and reduce appetite, it has been shown that eating a medium-sized apple 15 minutes before meals may help reduce calories intake by about 15%, as well as One study published in Appetite in 2009 showed that consuming whole apples increases feelings of fullness more than consuming apple juice or pureed apples.

Heart benefits:

Apples contain many heart-healthy elements; Such as fiber, which may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and potassium, which helps expand blood vessels, which reduces the risk of high blood pressure and complications from cardiovascular disease, and it also contains antioxidant vitamin C and many other antioxidants that It contributes to maintaining the health of the heart, in addition to that, apples contain many nutrients that may reduce the risk of stroke.

Benefits of apples for the stomach:

Eating a diet rich in apples and antioxidants helps maintain a healthy stomach and reduces the risk of diseases caused by oxidative damage.

Benefits of apples for colon:

As some research indicates that eating one or more apples daily is associated with a lower risk of colon and rectal cancer, but this is not certain, and more studies and evidence are still needed to confirm this.

 Benefits of apples for babies:

Apples are good fruits for children, because they are sweet in taste, contain a good amount of fluids, vitamin C, and do not contain a large number of calories, in addition to being one of the sources rich in fiber, especially unpeeled apples.