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Damages and benefits of headphones on the ear

 Hearing aids have become one of the necessary purposes that a person carries wherever he goes, technology has become a part of daily human life at the present time, and earphones have become accompanying people during times of morning walking, traveling, drinking coffee, or even in the workplace, and a lot more. He knows that using headphones all the time can help not to disturb those around you, but it does cause great harm to the person themselves! In the following, an explanation of the damage of the earphones.

Damage to earphones:

The earphones send waves that reach the eardrum, which leads to its vibration, and thus makes its response to the vibrations weaker over time.

 Hearing loss due to high voice:

As the use of headphones constantly and raising the volume in an exaggerated manner leads to hearing loss that can be treated or sometimes cannot be cured.


As the headphones work by damaging hair cells in the cochlea, causing symptoms of tinnitus, such as hearing a ringing sound, or a noise in the ear or head.

Hearing impairment:

As 50% of people with tinnitus develop a high sensitivity to surrounding sounds.

ear infection:

Wearing headphones closes the ear canal, which prevents air from entering, and thus the chance of infection in the ear increases with various infections, as the use of earphones for long periods may lead to the growth of bacteria inside the headphones, which in turn leads to infection in the ears, and as the sharing of headphones from one person to another leads to This bacteria can be transmitted to several people, causing them to have an ear infection as well.

Impact on the brain:

Exposure to electromagnetic waves constantly leads to problems in the brain over time, and exaggerated sound when using headphones affects the nerve that carries nerve impulses from the ear to the brain, and ear infection also affects brain health.

Benefits of headphones:

Hearing aids have many benefits, which in turn explains the widespread use of them by people, in what are the most important benefits of headphones:

  1. Ease of use: as the headphones help, especially the modern ones, to receive calls and control the volume or what you hear through headphones without touching your mobile phone.
  2. Ease of carrying: The earphones are easy to carry because of their light weight and versatility of specifications that helped facilitate human life.
  3. Speed: The use of headphones helps in the speed of movement and speed of carrying out tasks as it is possible to answer calls through it and do a lot of work.
  4. Comfort: Hearing music with headphones helps you relax and unwind from the noise, especially when traveling.
  5. Keep away from noise: Using headphones helps to greatly reduce disturbance and surrounding noise.

Tips to prevent damage to headphones:

Here are some important tips that can be followed in order to avoid damaging the earphones:

  • Avoid using the headphones during travel times, inside transportation, or while walking, as travel stations are crowded and annoying, so it is preferable not to add another annoying sound to the ear.
  • Avoid raising the voice excessively.
  • Reducing the time spent using earphones.
  • Choose the type of speaker that allows for noise reduction.
  • Choose the type of headphones that can be placed around the ear to avoid directly affecting the eardrum.
  • Sterilize the stethoscopes to avoid microbial growth.