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Foods to enhance intelligence

 The brain is thThe brain is the main organ in the nervous system of the human body, as it collects, analyzes and controls information, and controls most neurons associated with other body organs, and has the ability to produce new information and the brain is preserved in the skull, and the human brain consists of a gel-ball of gray color that tends to The color is pink, and its surface is full of protrusions and grooves, and the maximum weight of the human brain is 1.4 kg. In this article, the most important and best foods that increase intelligence and focus will be explained.

Foods that increase intelligence and focus:

Eating a balanced diet is the best solution that must be resorted to, except that there are foods that increase intelligence and focus effectively, without experiencing health complications, and here is a list of the best foods that increase intelligence and focus in detail:


Where cranberries contain polyphenols and flavonoid pigments that help protect the brain from diseases and maintain its health, and berries fruit enhances cognition because it contains a high percentage of flavonoids, and it is recommended to eat it at least twice during the week.


As it contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that improve blood circulation and contribute to better blood flow to brain cells, it also helps to maintain the rate of blood pressure and prevent it from rising, as its height negatively affects one's cognitive perception. By taking at least three pills a day, especially in the early morning hours, to boost mental focus throughout the day.


It contains the main nutritional component of cerebrum, which is choline, which improves brain functions and the neurotransmitter associated with memory, and this helps to improve the IQ and raise the rate of cognitive and cognitive ability as well, and it is recommended to eat one egg during the day to obtain these desired results.


This is what makes it one of the foods that increase intelligence and focus is that it contains vitamin E, which is known to be one of the vitamins soluble in the blood, and this helps increase the rate of mental alertness and focus, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, and it is recommended to eat one ounce of almonds daily to get the desired results .


Where it contains vitamin B6, which contributes to increasing the rate of concentration and raising the rate of perception, in addition to that chickpeas has important benefits for the brain, and it is recommended that the daily meal include a little chickpea.


It contains nitrates that help expand blood vessels, and thus increase and improve blood flow to brain cells, especially the frontal lobes of the brain that lead to an increase in concentration, intelligence and cognitive perception, and it is recommended to take it during several meals throughout the week.

 olive oil:

Where it contains a very high percentage of antioxidants that enhance the production of enzymes disinfecting brain cells, and it is recommended to add olive oil to daily dishes.


It is considered one of the types of foods that increase intelligence and focus in a healthy way, as it contains omega-3, which prevents the slow development of neurotransmitters and maintains the health of the brain, and this type of fish in particular contains the anti-astaxanthin that reduces the risk of developing memory loss, and it is recommended to eat it twice a week . Z

Dark green leafy vegetables:

They are foods that increase intelligence, focus and strengthen memory. They also contribute to protecting the body from the risk of heart disease and cancer, and it is recommended to eat them whenever available. Pomegranate juice: a rich source of antioxidants, and the difference can be noticed within four weeks, as it helps improve verbal memory and increases functional activity in the brain while focusing on visual and verbal memory, and fresh pomegranate juice can be consumed on a daily basis.