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The soul of a person is his being, and the essence of his life, and it always directs him and addresses him to do specific things, which are positive at times and negative at other times. All of them, and some of them lead himself instead of being led behind them following his whims, and we find him leading it firmly and wisely at the same time, and how a person leads himself and overcomes them, and what are the dangers of submitting himself behind the desires of the soul in an unbridled and absolute manner

How to overcome the self:

 Find pivotal habits:

The pivotal habit means the behavior that a person performs on a daily and permanent basis, and his performance of it is linked to many negative things that this habit brings, so the person must search for his pivotal habits, change or eliminate them, improve his life, and the disappearance of many behaviors that were as a result of those Habit, and here we give an example about the habit of addiction to the use of social media that wastes a person's time, robs his body of health and wellness, and distracts him from his studies or work, thus ensuring failure in both areas and when this habit is stopped, all the bad outcomes that we mentioned will stop.

Set a goal:

Whereas, when a person sets a goal in his eyes, he will try, with all his energy and effort, to reach that goal, which creates a new challenge before him in life, which is first reaching the goal, then achieving it, and in both cases the person feels that he is proactive, courageous, and strong enough. To plan, accomplish, and address the problems that face him during the journey of arrival, as he makes his life meaningful and valuable when he defines his goal in life, such as making this goal or achievement annually, or periodically every three months, and so on.

Eliminate fear:

Whereas hesitation and fear often push a person to postpone his goals and endeavors in life, but rather that fear dwarfs his ambitions little by little, so the person must expel fears from his heart, and embark on doing what he thinks will bring him success and feeling happy, such as conducting experiments in favor of some test without Fear of failure of the experience, and failure is what drives a person to more experiences to reach success in general.

Do unusual activities:

This includes changing the previous daily schedule, to another in which a lot of activities that a person did not do before practicing sports at home, going to the sports club, or donating money for the benefit of humanitarian and charitable societies, or participating in one of the adventure trips around the world, in addition to the above that a person must Changing the way he used to do a daily activity, such as eating breakfast in the garden of the house amidst trees, plants and flowers instead of eating it in bed or in the kitchen.

 Doing mental sports:

As the matter is not only related to motor activities but also with mental skills, and that is through practicing mental sports such as solving puzzles, engaging in dialogues and intellectual discussions with others, reading books, learning music and various arts such as drawing, singing, and dancing, all of which are capable of activating the work of the brain that It is the source of commands in the human body.