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How to train a child to sleep alone:

 Many parents suffer from the problem of the child not sleeping alone, which represents an eternal struggle between the parents ’desire and the child's desire to sleep in the parents’ room, which leads to the parents surrendering to the child's desire in most cases, and the child's desire to sleep in the parents’s room continues for a period of time. Before school until entering school for a while, and parents start to do some decorating work for the bedrooms to attract children to them, from a new colored mattress, large beds and others, and indeed the plan succeeds, but for some time during the day, but after the sun sets, the child returns to his desire to sleep In a parent's room, effective advice should be given on how to train a child to sleep alone.

How to train a child to sleep alone:

Whereas, the child's sleep habits when moving from one age to another are among the most troublesome things for mothers and fathers alike, especially when they reach the age at which they must sleep at specific times and they must also stay in their beds, and in the following are the most important methods that explain how to train Baby to sleep alone.

Bedtime routine:

It is considered one of the easiest steps that guarantee how to train the child to sleep on his own, which includes the work of some procedures that are made up as a series before bed and help to calm the child and prepare him for bedtime, and this step includes wearing sleepwear that can be chosen by the child to help prepare it Psychologically, to enter bedtime, and it is possible for the child to do some work alone and with the help of parents such as brushing teeth, using the toilet, giving him the opportunity to shower if this step makes him relax before bed, getting a sip of water, and the most important step is reading the bedtime story, In this step, the child must decide what story he wants to hear, to help make him aware of the story all the time and feel empowered and in control. One of the steps that make them integrate into the sleep routine is sleeping with their favorite game or hearing a song before bed.

Child Reward:

 One of the most effective steps that show how to train a child to sleep on their own is the child reward system, and this system helps the child to stay in bed or implement most of the activities required in the bedtime routine, and the reward is usually the things that the child desires, Such as cartoon posters, breakfast meals or small games that the child usually wants, or many options available to reward the child, provided that they are not harmful to the child's health, such as fast food, and when presenting the reward, be careful to present it with positive phrases praising the child's commitment to the agreed upon, and from On the other hand, parents should not mention the child's bad behavior, and also the punishment of the child for negative behavior and his going to the bedroom should not be linked to closing the bedroom, which is one of the methods that terrorize children from the room and increase their aversion to it.

Help your child get rid of fears:

Since all children are afraid of the dark, which leads many parents to give up teaching their children to sleep alone and in separate rooms, however, the presence of adults next to the children is only a temporary solution, and although the presence of parents next to the child at night gives him a sense of safety, It does not help him to overcome his fears, and in general, the child imagines at night - and while he is in the dark - monsters, which requires attention to the cartoons that the child watches, and to prevent him from watching programs with frightening content, and reading fun fairy tales. Placing a toy next to the child, as well as a fish tank next to his bed, which gives him a feeling of safety even in the absence of parents.

Removing electronic devices in front of the child:

The TV and computer should be turned off in the room where the child sleeps, and the tablet and mobile phone should be removed from his hands; It is considered one of the things that help the child fall asleep quickly, knowing that the light emitted from electronic devices deprives the child from enjoying a good amount of sleep, and it is recommended to make sure that the child stops playing computer games and watching TV before bedtime for a period of one to two hours, especially since these Activities stimulate the brain overly, and thus cause insomnia.