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How to help your baby to sleep:

 If you are a mother of a baby, you must suffer daily from fatigue and exhaustion due to your constant attempts to help him fall asleep at night calmly and without trouble; Since infants always suffer from sleep problems due to many factors that affect them from the moment they are born, it is natural that young children do not differentiate between night and day, especially in the first months, and they sleep at any time, which increases the chance of them waking up in the late hours of the night, but In the following months, their sleep may be somewhat regular due to their ability to relate things to each other, and their ability to become accustomed to whatever discipline the mother puts in.

How to help your baby to sleep:

We know that bedtime for you is one of the most difficult times, and that there are many problems that you face daily with your baby, so we will offer you some solutions and ideas that can benefit you and help your baby get a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Bedtime is fixed every day:

Where it is necessary that the time of sleep and wake up be constant every day, and experts prefer to set the bedtime between 7 and 8 pm, before the child feels tired that may prevent him from falling asleep easily, and it is good to have a nap during the day at a fixed time as well.

Establish a bedtime routine for your child:

You have to repeat this routine every day to get used to it and link through it between some activities and bedtime, and easily prepare and surrender to it. Try the idea of ​​taking a warm bath every day before bedtime, and prepare the room's atmosphere so that it meets his need for relaxation and a sense of security.

 Put your baby to bed:

 When he feels sleepy, and before falling asleep completely, until he calms down and sleeps on his own; If you deliberately put him to bed after he sleeps on your arms, it will be difficult for you to get rid of this habit later, as this will spare you the need to carry it and calm him every time he wakes up during the night, then he will be able to calm himself and return to sleep easily.

Preparing an atmosphere to sleep in the child's room:

You can use some tools to create the sleeping environment in the child's room and help him to fall asleep easily, especially if your child becomes old enough to sleep at night, we recommend you to try the Butterfly Dreams 3-in-1 Projection Mobile game from fisher price that will spare you from many tasks; It is a rotating light projection unit, which reflects star lights on the ceiling and walls to help you relax, and also contains a sound unit that produces 3 different sound modes including (lullaby music, quiet sounds, and nature sounds), which can also be separated and used as a separate sound unit On the table. And it is equipped with 3 soft bears that rotate over the child's head, and it can be separated and installed on the baby's stroller. The most important thing is that you can control all of this remotely through a special control device that prevents you from approaching and disturbing the child every time you want to stop or restart it.