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How to take care of your newborn baby

 A new mother needs advice to help her take care of her new baby. As a small child is like a young tree that needs attention from the first day, and the mother’s care of her child brings her closer to him and makes him more dependent on her, and we will mention in this article a set of tips to take care of the newborn.

How to take care of a newborn baby:

 Nappy change:

As it is necessary to change the nappy for the child periodically, in order to prevent the occurrence of skin exfoliation and the growth of bacteria, and most children need to change the nappy after or before the meal, and the nappy must be changed for the child when he wakes up from sleep to eat the night meal, so that he does not wake up again because of it. , As he will show a feeling of discomfort if he is not changed to him, and the mother must be prepared for this when changing the nappy by preparing some tools, such as a new nappy, a bag to get rid of the old, cotton moistened with warm water, a cream to prevent cracks, and a toy that is busy They contain the baby while changing the nappy, in addition to new clothes in case of leakage.

Baby bath:

It is up to the mother to decide how often to bathe the child per week; As some children like to relax with warm water daily, but the mother must bathe the child once or twice a week, and it is preferable to seek help from someone close to her at first, because the child is flexible and slips a lot, and it may help her if she forgot to bring something What, and it is necessary to use a small (bathtub) for the child, and a set of steps can be followed for the child's bath, namely:

  1. Warm the room well and close the cold air vents.
  2.  Preparing new clothes and nappies before bathing and preparing breastfeeding, if the baby is formula-fed.
  3.  Check the water temperature with a thermometer or with the elbow.
  4.  Remove clothes from the child and clean his genitals.
  5. Clean the child's face with a cotton swab moistened with water; Where you wipe his eyes and nose.
  6.  Put the child in the bathtub with his head and neck supported and grip it well with one hand so that it does not slip. Using the other hand to clean his head and body, using special baby shampoo.
  7.  Take the baby out and wrap him in a blanket so that he does not get cold. Anoint the child's body with moisturizing cream; If his body is dry. Dress the child after drying his body well.

Get rid of dandruff:

Where the scales appear on the head of a newborn child and cover his scalp, which are yellow-colored flakes and may be thick, and these scales can appear at any time between two to three months after birth, and to get rid of these scales, the mother must wash the hair The child on a daily basis by using a special baby shampoo, with massaging the baby's head using fingers or a piece of soft cloth, and these scales can also be removed alone.

Baby Nail Care:

Where the nails of a newborn child are smoother and softer, but they are sharp and may cause the child to scratch his face or the face of his mother, and therefore the mother must constantly cut the child's nails because they grow quickly, and biting the child's nails must also be avoided through the mouth instead of using scissors Nails because this behavior leads to the transmission of diseases, and to obtain a proper cut for the child, the partner must seek help to hold the child so that he does not move, then start cutting.

Seeking help after giving birth:

Where the mother can seek help after childbirth, as there are many specialists in hospitals, whether in nutrition or the correct method of breastfeeding the child, and nurses can also be consulted about the way to carry the child and change the diaper for him, and take care of him and burp after the completion of breastfeeding, and the mother can also ask for help Relatives and friends, their experience can help the mother in how to take care of the child.

Stimulate the child's ability to hear:

Where children love hearing different sounds, such as hearing songs, music, speech, rattles, and other sounds, so the mother must stimulate the child's hearing, and she can sing to the child or read poetry aloud to him while shaking him on his own chair.

Breastfeeding baby:

Where the child can be breastfed immediately after birth, and the first milk is called Colostrum Milk, which is considered very nutritious and beneficial for the newborn. When breastfeeding the child, it is necessary to make sure that the mother is sitting in a comfortable place, away from the noise, so that the child's attention is not distracted, and it is preferable to use pillows to support the arms and back so that he is comfortable during breastfeeding, and to ensure that the child is breastfeeding properly, by placing the nipple In the child's mouth with his nose away from the breast, so that he breathes well, and the chin is in contact with the breast. The number of breastfeeding times for a newborn on the first and second day can reach between (8-15) times a day, and by the end of the first week the number of times will stabilize from (6-8) times a day. There are a set of signs that show that the child is getting enough milk, including: hearing the baby swallowing milk, and being calm after feeding.