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The causes of the appearance of skin tags and ways to get rid of them

Skin polyps or polyps are small brown bumps that appear over skin tissue in different areas of the body, such as the neck, eyelid, armpits, creases of the thighs, the upper chest area, and under the breast, and although their shape is bothersome, they do not cause Any health problems, and there are no side effects, and can be removed and disposed of at home or at the doctor, and it is worth noting that the skin tags sometimes fall off on their own if they are twisted, or if there is a lack of blood supply to them.

Reasons for the appearance of skin polyps:

As reports conducted at the American National Institute of Public Health showed that forty-six percent of cases that suffer from the appearance of skin tags are hereditary, in addition to many other causes, including:

  •  Using large amounts of steroids.
  •  Scratches on the skin from shaving, jewelry, or clothing rubbing.
  •  Pregnancy, as it appears due to hormonal changes. Friction.
  •  And sweating in areas not exposed to air.
  •  Having Crohn's disease. Skin cancer.
  • Significant weight gain.
  •  Papillomavirus.
  • Diabetes.
  • Obesity.

Removing the skin tag naturally:

Vitamin E capsules:

Where the skin tag is wiped with a little vitamin E oil, and it is covered with a medical adhesive tightly, which prevents blood from reaching it and causes it to fall, in addition to this oil helps to heal the wound after the fall of the skin appendix.

the Garlic:

Where garlic contains enzymes that reduce the size of the appendages, it is used by crushing garlic, placing it over the affected area, leaving it overnight, then washing it with warm water, with repeated daily until the skin tags fall off.

 Tea tree oil:

As this oil contains anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and increases skin moisture, this oil is used by placing three drops of it on the skin appendages after cleaning the face well, and repeating this step three times a day.


Where the active substances in lemon juice, especially citric acid, speed up the drying of the skin tags, and their fall after continuing to apply lemon juice to them three times a day for at least four weeks.

 Apple cider vinegar:

Vinegar is used to treat skin problems such as acne and infections, in addition to that it is one of the most effective natural remedies to remove skin tags. It is used by mixing it with a little water, then applying it to the areas three times a day until the appendices dry up and fall off.

 Castor oil and baking soda mixture:

 Mix equal quantities of oil and soda, add drops of lemon juice, and mix to get a paste, then paint the area with it, wrap it with a piece of cloth, leave it overnight, then wash it with lukewarm water, and it is advised to repeat this recipe twice a week until the appendages separate.

Onion juice:

Chop an onion into small pieces, then add a quarter of a tablespoon of salt to it, and leave it for one night, until the water is filtered from the onions, get its juice, then anoint the area with it, and it must be covered with a piece of cloth, and left for a night on the excess, then wash it With lukewarm water, it is recommended to repeat this step daily for a week.

Removing the skin tag by medical methods:

Where medical options can be used to get rid of the problem of appendages, such as laser, cautery, or abrasion, or the skin appendix can be tied with a thin thread until it dries, while sterilizing the area well to avoid infection.