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Causes of inspiration tips to control it

 Hooch is considered a real phenomenon that affects many women during pregnancy, as a pregnant woman has an urgent desire to eat a certain type of food, such as chocolate cake, apples, ice cream, and other sweet foods, in addition to the possibility of craving fish and dairy products, And fruit, and sometimes there is a desire to eat a mixture of unfamiliar food or a type of food that the woman does not usually like, and in addition to the cravings for eating certain types of food, many pregnant women may suffer from the intolerance of other types of food. Or a sudden dislike of it.

Causes of celiac disease:

Where, in fact, there is no specific reason for a pregnant woman to feel lame, but some have indicated that the desire to eat a certain food may be due to its loss in the pregnant woman’s diet, or due to the increased need for vitamins and minerals for the pregnant woman. Nutrition or lack of nutrients in general, and on the other hand, some specialists have indicated that cramps are related to pregnancy hormones, as the pregnancy hormone doubles every few days during the first three months of pregnancy to reach its peak during the eleventh week of pregnancy, and high levels of pregnancy hormone may cause this The appearance of some symptoms such as nausea, a craving to eat some types of food, and a hate for other types of it, and hating some types of food during pregnancy can be associated with morning sickness, as studies have found that nausea and hatred for certain types of food start at the same time during pregnancy For the majority of women.

What is the nature of the carnation:

Where the birthmark begins in most pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy, but it can occur at any time during pregnancy, and most often the birthmark disappears after childbirth, and the hatred of certain types of food may continue indefinitely. A pregnant woman may be alienated from foods with strong odors, such as meat, eggs, milk, onions, garlic, tea and coffee, and spicy food. Also, a pregnant woman may be averse to certain food during pregnancy and then crave it later in pregnancy. In a study conducted on pregnant women, it was found that 40% of pregnant women crave sweet foods, and that 33% crave salty snacks, and that 17 % Crave Mexican and spicy food, while 10% crave citrus fruits, green apples, and other types of sour foods.

Tips for controlling melancholy:

There are a number of tips that can be followed to control cravings during pregnancy, including:

  1. Eat healthy, balanced food that contains lean protein derivatives, as well as low-fat dairy products, grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes.
  2.  Eating food regularly, to avoid a decrease in blood sugar levels, as this decrease is considered a catalyst for meat, and to help achieve this, it is recommended to divide meals into six small meals a day.
  3.  Doing some regular exercise and physical activities after consulting your doctor. Eat low-calorie foods, such as skimmed milk, instead of eating ice cream.
  4.  Eat a small piece of candy when feeling craving for sweets, or choose a small bag of bread chips or chips when craving something salty to reduce your overall fat intake.