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How to enhance self-confidence and strengthen personality

 A strong personality is one who has the ability to make and control her decisions, and who has the ability to maintain and adhere to her freedom of will despite the difficulties she faces, her ability to sacrifice her desires, and she possesses and has strong and solid benevolent values.

What is self-confidence:

It is a person's belief in his capabilities and qualities, and it is considered the ladder that elevates the individual towards success and the achievement of the desired goals, whether they are personal or professional, and maintaining a balanced level of self-confidence helps the person to maintain his physical and psychological health.

What are the characteristics of self-confident people:

Where self-confident people possess a set of traits and characteristics that distinguish them from the rest of their peers, and the most important of these characteristics are the following:

 They are distinguished by ambition, as they always strive towards achieving the best, and they direct their energies towards achieving goals to achieve them as required, to set and define new goals and strive to achieve and achieve them, and self-confident possesses the insight that helps him know his way towards success, and they have the ability to communicate With others, they also accept advice and guidance from others, listen more than they speak, and carry within them love and affection for all, they form mutual relationships based on love and respect, and they have a strong and attractive personality, a beloved spirit, and they are open to other people.

Strong personality traits:

Among the most important elements of a strong personality are:

  • Activity and vitality, and good interaction with others.
  •  Engage in work and be enthusiastic, as a person with enthusiasm enlivens and encourages the people who are with them.
  • Choosing elegant clothes, which helps a person to feel distinguished, also gives him the opportunity to show his personality and influence more on others.
  •  A permanent smile, because a smile conveys to other people many internal messages and feelings, and makes them feel comfortable, respectful and affectionate.
  •  Self-confidence, as the owner of a strong personality seeks to enhance his self-confidence and to make others touch and believe that he is a self-confident person.
  •  Have personal balance, as this creates an atmosphere of affection and respect between him and other people.
  • Ensure eye contact with other people, as it has a strong influence on building interpersonal relationships.

Boost self-confidence:

As it is considered one of the most important things that strengthen and enhance people's self-confidence:

  •  Not comparing the individual himself with other people, such as comparing his position to the position obtained by his colleague, or the salary he obtained with what his colleagues receive, but the individual must pay attention to his skills he mastered and his achievements reached and qualities, as thinking with others and comparing them with oneself reduces One who has confidence in himself.

  •  Paying attention to the body in terms of appearance and health, for example by taking a lot of rest, exercising because the physical activity of an individual and his feeling that he is well, increases his self-confidence.

  • Constant feeling of self-satisfaction, avoiding blaming oneself for making mistakes, and believing that there is no perfect individual.

  •  The individual avoids doubting his abilities, and his attempt to do the things he fears.
  •  Avoid negative talk with and about oneself. It is also recommended that the individual experiment with things that he thinks he cannot do, and his belief that what he has done is nothing but an experiment.