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What are the causes, symptoms and treatment of almond pus?
admin en 03 July 2020
It affects pus of adults and children. Therefore, today we will provide you with important information about the almond pus from the causes,...
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Symptoms of inflammation of the heart wall
admin en 29 June 2020
The wall of the heart consists of several layers, namely, the epicardium, the endocardium and the heart muscle. Surrounding these layers i...
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What is the cause of chapped lips, and what is the treatment?
admin en 27 June 2020
Each lady is keen to make her lips appear beautiful and attractive, so she keeps them from being exposed to droughts and cracks in them,...
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Causes and treatment of mouth ulcers
admin en 22 June 2020
Mouth sores appear as simple sores in the mouth, at the base of the gums, and are often small in size. It is worth noting that these sor...
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Treating throat pain with natural recipes
admin en 20 June 2020
 A sore throat can be treated naturally at home through the use of natural recipes. A sore throat may be an absolutely uncomfortable fee...
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Ways to nourish children's hair
admin en 16 June 2020
The head hair is not only an aesthetic element that controls the external appearance only, but it is also a reflection of the health of a pe...
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Methods and recipes for fattening children
admin en 16 June 2020
Many children suffer from thinness, or extreme thinness, and some suspect that it is a disease that the child was afflicted with, but th...
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Causes of joint and muscle pain and its treatment methods
admin en 04 May 2020
There are many aches and cramps that affect the areas of the muscles and joints in the body, and these pains affect all aspects of life,...
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Causes and treatment of rapid heart rate
admin en 13 April 2020
The heart is considered one of the most important organs in the human body, the heart, as its pulses and pulses are measured and in a ha...
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Learn about the best foods to lower cholesterol
admin en 03 April 2020
 Cholesterol is a waxy substance where the liver manufactures it to perform a number of important roles in the body, including protectin...
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The best foods that help purify the blood
admin en 30 March 2020
Toxins always accumulate in the blood daily as a result of the different foods that we eat, and as a result of pollution, pressure and o...
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Causes and symptoms of urine pus and methods of natural treatment
admin en 28 March 2020
Urine pus can be treated naturally instead of resorting to medications, but it must be known first that we are the causes that lead to ...
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Best foods that maintain hormone balance and hormone regulation:
admin en 26 March 2020
The regulation of hormones is an integral part of the ability to control weight and work to lose excess fat. Therefore, the regulation o...
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Natural methods for treating bronchitis
admin en 16 March 2020
Acute bronchitis often arises from colds or any other respiratory infection. It is common. Chronic bronchitis, which is a more serious m...
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Ways to clean and care for oily skin
admin en 12 March 2020
There are many types of oily skin cleansers on the market but do not provide any actual improvement for oily skin and there are a lot of h...
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Natural ways to treat ankle sprain
admin en 10 March 2020
The occurrence of sprains indicates a rupture or fatigue of the muscles, and this occurs when an injury occurs to the ligaments that conne...
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Benefits of dried apricots for health and beauty
admin en 10 March 2020
Apricot trees belong to the pink family, and are considered medium-sized; they reach a height of 9 meters, and the apricot fruit is spheri...
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What are the ways to clean the lung naturally
admin en 08 March 2020
To keep the body clean from the inside is considered one of the best things that you can do to stay in good health and you need to follow ...
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