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 The effect of alcohol on the human body
admin en 15 October 2020
Addiction to alcohol or alcoholic beverages is classified as one of the most prominent social scourges that afflict many societies around th...
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 What is the food that strengthens the nerves
admin en 08 October 2020
The nervous system consists of a complex interlacing of a group of nerves and cells, which carry out the task of delivering and receiving me...
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Ways to banish fear from my child
admin en 18 September 2020
 The child is exposed to many natural fears, and the nature of these fears often varies according to the child's age, and the fear begin...
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 The pros and cons of electronic games
admin en 18 September 2020
 Electronic games appeared at the beginning of the eighties with the scientific and technological development and the multiple uses of the c...
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What are the skills that help you develop your personality
admin en 15 September 2020
Personality development is one of the most important things that you must constantly strive for, and develop in it every period of time un...
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The difference between face-to-face and distance education
admin en 15 September 2020
To find out the difference between distance education and face-to-face education in the classroom, we will help you present the pros and c...
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Tips for pregnant women take care of themselves
admin en 13 September 2020
 The duration of pregnancy lasts approximately 40 weeks normally, and pregnancy is divided into three different stages, and each stage i...
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What are the causes of nosebleeds in children
admin en 03 August 2020
Nosebleeds are bleeding from the nose as a result of the rupture of the small blood vessels lining the area of ​​the nose, and nosebleed...
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The importance of potassium for the human body:
admin en 23 July 2020
Potassium is a mineral that the human body needs to help properly, as it contributes to nerve functions, and helps muscle contractions, ...
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How do I stop myself from eating
admin en 06 July 2020
 Everyone aspires to have a healthy and graceful body, and they follow to achieve this for many different steps and methods, but they fail f...
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What are the causes of tongue numbness and methods of treatment?
admin en 21 April 2020
Tongue numbness is an expression of a person feeling burning or numbness in the tongue and it is an unusual feeling because it is like t...
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Learn ways to strengthen the brain
admin en 30 March 2020
One of the best ways to increase brain power includes listening to music, reducing pressure, good sleep, exercising, teaching others, se...
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Learn the habits of destroying the immune system
admin en 22 March 2020
There are people who do many things that can destroy your health and body and cause many problems in your immune system, so how do you a...
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Causes of runny nose for children and methods of treatment
admin en 08 March 2020
The term runny nose is considered the production of large amounts of mucus by the nose compared to the normal situation, and as it is know...
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Anti-aging food and vitamins
admin en 28 February 2020
We find many people eager to find all possible solutions and methods that protect them from changes in age and the appearance of signs of ...
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Causes of neck cramping, its symptoms and methods of treatment
admin en 25 February 2020
Neck spasm is a common disease, especially in people who use the computer for long periods of time, or because of the wrong sitting for a ...
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What are the symptoms of liver disease and methods of cleaning the liver?
admin en 14 February 2020
The liver is the largest organ in the human body, and is considered an attachment to the digestive system. It weighs approximately one and...
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