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Methods of developing the child's social skills
admin en 03 April 2020
\ To develop the child's skills, provide support, attention, care and nurture him in a sound upbringing, parents must follow specifi...
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Methods of treating sunburn naturally at home
admin en 26 March 2020
 Daily direct sunlight, which leads to multiple burns in the body; however, the damage does not lie in the red color of the skin; rather...
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What are the causes of crying babies?
admin en 22 March 2020
The crying of newborns for up to two hours seems not surprising, but after a period of time there becomes a major question which is why ...
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Reasons for feeling broken body when waking up
admin en 16 March 2020
It turns out that there is a group of reasons behind the feeling of a breakage in the body, and this feeling may be one of the symptoms ...
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Ways to clean and care for oily skin
admin en 12 March 2020
There are many types of oily skin cleansers on the market but do not provide any actual improvement for oily skin and there are a lot of h...
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Causes of pigmentation of teeth and methods of treatment
admin en 06 March 2020
Many people want to get a wonderful smile, but there are many people who suffer from pigmentation of teeth that appear on the enamel of th...
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Signs of hypothyroidism and ways to treat it
admin en 02 March 2020
Thyroid gland inactivity is noticed that the thyroid gland is inactive and does not produce enough important hormones, and there are a set...
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Ways to overcome fatigue, laziness and restore activity
admin en 28 February 2020
Individuals often experience lethargy and fatigue laziness after doing a high effort or perhaps a lack of some nutrients, where a person f...
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Natural recipes for thickening eyebrows
admin en 22 February 2020
Thick eyebrows enhance the appearance of a person, while thin eyebrows can make the person appear older, and there are reasons for the del...
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What are the ways to treat phlegm, and its relationship to milk
admin en 05 February 2020
Mucus or phlegm is a viscous liquid produced by many tissues of the lining in the body, as it helps to protect and moisturize the layers o...
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Health benefits and uses of tangerine oil
admin en 03 February 2020
Tangerine oil is one of the most important essential oils, and there are many benefits of tangerine oil. Mandarin orange (reticulata citru...
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Causes of nosebleeds, and cure in a variety of natural ways
admin en 03 February 2020
Nosebleeds or nosebleeds, known medically as epistaxes, are a very common problem, and the inner part of the nose contains small blood ves...
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Benefits of dried fruits for health, and caveats for their use
admin en 22 January 2020
Dried fruits are considered fruits that most of the water content has been removed by using different drying methods, which leads to shrin...
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